This is a newer fandom for me, but I can already tell it's going to be quite the beloved one.  It's got a mix of drama and humor and utter crack that I find irresistible, not to mention a slew of very hot guys, two extremely compelling pairings (at least), and what I think might become an OT3 for me.  Update:  AND RAY/RAY!!



- {Ray/Ray} Adult.  Written for the Courteous Ray challenge at LJ ds_flashfiction.  When the Rays are told behave, Kowalski learns something about himself he wasn't counting on.


  - {Fraser/Vecchio} PG Drabble written for the Icon Drabble Meme.


- {Fraser/Vecchio} Adult.  Yet another take on the overused but much loved "Undercover In A Gay Bar" trope.  Pure pop-tart.


 - {Fraser/Vecchio} Adult.  Written for LJ Vecchiofest.  A first time story in which Ray needs time to figure out what he wants.