Title: Coercion is Underrated
Author: SassyInkPen  (Spring 2003)
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Snape
Rating: [Adult]
Part: 1/1
Summary: Harry gets some after hour lessons.

Warning: Graphic m/m sex, H/D are 17. Minimal minor drinking.

Disclaimer: JKR owns them, I only toy mercilessly with them.

Coercion is Underrated
By sassyinkpen@yahoo.com

It's an hour after dinner and I'm pissed because instead of heading up to the warm, cozy common room, I'm making my way down one of the dungeon corridors in the direction of Snape's classroom. I managed to forget about half my books and papers because I was in such a hurry to get out of there. Six and half years and Snape still makes me uneasy.

I get there and the classroom door is closed. Of course...we wouldn't want to let any of the chill out. I lift the iron handle and go in, intent on getting my homework and getting the hell out of there. I get three steps in and freeze, stunned by what I find. It's Snape, dark and foreboding as ever...all black buttons and high collars, and he's standing next to Draco Malfoy who's bent over the side of his desk. He's got two fingers wedged up Draco's ass, and Draco's grasping the sides and making a sound like the neighbor's cat when it wants to go inside. But judging by the look on his face...he likes it, and the only thing keeping him there is Snape's other hand resting on the small of his back.

I start to back towards the door, but a velvet voice in my ear stops me, "Not so fast Mr. Potter..." It's Snape, only I don't know how he got there because I was too busy looking at Draco. I can't take my eyes off him. He's still crouched there, over the desk, with his sweater bunched up around his waist, shirttails sticking out beneath it in the most enticing way. His school tie is still knotted neatly at his throat and his pants are unfastened and pushed down to rest easily on his smooth thighs. His pale round ass is exposed and there's a delicious red tinge to the cheeks, as if he's been punished recently. He's looking at me and a lock of his white blond hair falls in his eyes. His lips are parted and he's still panting slightly, but quiet now.

"We seem to have a bit of a dilemma here," says Snape from behind me, standing closer than I remember. "No one was meant to intrude on us...and I don't want you telling tales all over school."

My palms are sweaty and I wipe them down the front of my flannel shirt. I wish now I still had my robes on because even fully dressed, I feel naked with Snape towering over me like this and the added layer might have made the difference. I turn to look at him and I know it wouldn't. "I w-won't say anything, I swear...I just came to get my homework," I say, pointing to where I usually sit, "I'll leave right n-now."

"Let's not be hasty Mr. Potter...fate has presented us with a rare opportunity. It seems a shame to waste it." He puts a hand on my shoulder and I flinch, but that doesn't seem to bother him. He simply turns me around to look at Draco again. Draco hasn't moved. "I'm no fool, Potter...I can tell that you like what you see..."

Draco's eyes widen and I can't tell if he's shocked or excited. I think I should say something to him, but I have no idea what. Meanwhile, Snape's still pouring poison in my ear, "...and I'd be willing to bet you could be convinced to do more than just look." I instantly wonder if Draco's skin is as soft as it looks.

I know this is wrong and I make for the door again, but Snape is blocking my way, cajoling me, "Come now, Potter, it's a little adventure...just a bit of fun...and all you have to do is sit and enjoy." As he's talking, he pulls out a chair so that it faces Draco. I look up at him uncertainly, wondering what he'll do if I try to leave anyway. His eyes are fixed on me and I suddenly realize that I'm hard as a rock and trembling. The last thing that did this to me was female. I sit in the chair.

Snape stays behind me. "Come here, Draco," he purrs. His voice sends shivers down my spine as I watch Draco stand up. Draco doesn't even take a full step before Snape is chastising him, "Ah, ah, ah....." He snaps his fingers and points to the floor. Draco curls his lip and makes a face, but Snape's hand stays frozen in the air until Draco slowly sinks down onto his knees and begins to crawl over to us. Oh my god, that's sexy. He moves gracefully and I can see the rise of his ass still exposed beyond the gray sweater and white shirt. He stops when he's kneeling right in front of me. I'm too nervous to look at his face, so I don't know if he's looking at me or not. I jump when he puts his hands on my thighs, and I damn near panic when he starts to unbutton my trousers.

A noise off to the side catches my attention and I look to find that Snape has moved off and is pouring something in a glass. He brings it to me and I stare at it, but do nothing.

"It's a little fire whiskey, Potter. You're not a child anymore and...it will help you relax." He holds it out until I take it. Draco's fingers are tensing on my thighs and I swear I can feel it straight through my cock. His mouth is open slightly and he's got a watchful expression on his face. I drink most of the whiskey and then offer the last bit to him, which he takes. Snape seems to approve of this because he lets Draco finish it before he takes the glass and puts it away.

Draco's hands are dragging at my pants now, and I help him get them over my hips but won't let him pull them any farther. This is enough. If I make my guess correctly, this is all they really need to play their game. Draco rolls his eyes at me.

I can feel the alcohol burning through my system as Draco reaches for my boxers. It blazes a path straight to my dick, setting it on fire, and all I can think about is Draco's slick wet tongue cooling it off. I've had fire whiskey before and it doesn't do *this*. I'm panting already and my pulse is racing.

"What was in that glass?" I croak, even as I'm slouching a little in the chair, helpfully getting my aching cock just a bit closer to Draco's beautiful mouth. Oh god...when did I ever think anything about Draco Malfoy was beautiful?

Snape's voice is right in my ear, his breath on my neck, "I told you Potter, it was fire whiskey...laced with a little aphrodisiac of my own design." Oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into?

I groan and fidget with frustration, gripping the sides of the chair. Draco's fingers have snaked their way into my lap and they're stroking my bare cock lightly, squeezing it, exploring it. I wanna hurt him. Instead, I gasp, "What are you waiting for, Malfoy!?" I lock eyes with Draco and he only presses his fingers a little harder. I moan out loud. His eyes are shining and his breath is heavy...he's feeling Snape's potion too.

"He's waiting for *me*..." murmurs Snape, taking my shoulders and pulling me gently back in the chair. I shake him off, and moan, "Tell him to get on with it then, dammit." My groin is aching and my legs hurt from the tension of it. Draco leans over and breathes hot air on my cock, sending the fire rushing through my whole body. I kick him.

Snape makes a little scolding noise and says, "You're going to have to learn the virtue of patience, Potter...and some manners. Now lean back and settle down." His hands are at my shoulders again, and this time I let him pull me back, but no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to let go of the chair. That's ok, though, because I realize I have good leverage that way, so I can push my hips toward Draco still. I want him so bad and the thought shocks the hell out of me.

"What do you want, Potter?" Snape is taunting me.

"You know what I want," I moan, squeezing my eyes shut. "You made me want it,"

He hisses in my ear, "I want to hear you say it."

"I want...I want Draco to...s-suck me." It sounds shameful to say it out loud and I feel a blush creep over my face.

"Tell him....."

Oh fuck. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine asking Draco Malfoy to suck my cock. And I really don't want to ask him now. I just want him to do it. His fingers dig into my aching hard-on making my breath shallow and hoarse. I remind myself just which one of us is on his knees. I still can't look at look him though and I just blurt it out. "Come on, Draco...suck it."

Snape makes some kind of gesture with his hand and I see Draco grin. He bends forward and runs his tongue up the whole length of my cock and I damn near leap out of the chair because I'm so worked up. I gasp, "Oh fuck yes......." I thrust my hips at him and he does it again. I think I hear him moan.

Then he takes my cock in his mouth and starts to suck in earnest. I'm panting and my hips are coming off the chair from the tension and my sheer need. My knees close around Draco's body reflexively, holding him there, and he in turn hugs my thighs with his elbows. He won't let me down, and suddenly we are best friends.

Snape's fingers are at my neck now, touching me delicately, moving over my throat. They are like spiders, light and elegant. One hand slides up under my chin, easing my head back to rest against him. The other hand is plucking at the buttons of my shirt. He leans over me, intent on his task and I hear him breathing. It's thick and a bit harsh and I can tell he's turned on too. I groan out loud and arch into Draco again.

I cannot keep quiet now, whimpering and moaning...panting as I squirm in the chair. I am getting close and I want to come so badly it hurts. Draco's skills are impressive and it occurs to me that he must have done this for Snape at some point. To my surprise, the idea excites me.

The cool air hits my chest as Snape sweeps my shirt open. He slides his hands over my torso and I gasp, "Oh my god...." His nimble fingers trace my bones and tease my nipples. I feel his lips against my neck...not even a kiss, just another way to touch. His breath is hot and moist and I can smell the lingering scents of herbs and vile liquids that cling to his skin and his hair. Even this close there is a hint of danger about him.

I clutch the chair desperately because I'm sure if I let go I will be completely lost. My hands are just about the only part of me still left on it anyway, I'm straining so badly for release. Snape drags my shirt off and lets it drop down my back, now only covering my arms. His tongue travels down my neck and over my shoulder. He bites me, making me shudder, and I come. And I come *hard*. I'm bucking and crying out and they both hold me down. It feels so damn good that it hurts and I'm almost glad when it's over...except that right away I want to do it again.

I slump in the chair gasping for air and trying to regain my composure. Draco is actually licking my cock clean and I look at him. His hair is hanging loose now, and his lips and cheeks are flushed. He's rocking his hips slightly and I realize just how turned on he is. As I'm thinking this, and watching him lick my cock, it occurs to me that I'm still hard and I'm starting to ache again. I know I'm not that good. My body is getting hot all over again and I groan and look to Snape, "What the *hell* was in that drink!?"

Snape smirks in a somewhat sinister way, "Nice, don't you think. And extremely practical in situations such as these."

He comes around front and stands by Draco, reaching down to grasp my cock. I moan quietly in spite of myself. He tests it, measures it with his hand, giving it a frank appraisal, "Very impressive, Potter. And your response to my little mixture is quite encouraging." He says this because I am now rocking my hips into his hand, behaving like an animal in heat.

"I think, gentlemen, that we should continue our little adventure in rather more comfort." He takes his hand away and I groan in frustration. "Remember what I said about patience, Mr. Potter."

Draco stands up and pulls his pants on. Leaning close to me he whispers heatedly, "That was fucking brilliant, Potter." I'm surprised by this and lower my gaze. It's then I notice...he came too. This brings on a whole new wave of lust and I barely manage to mutter, "Yeah it was."

It occurs to me that this is the first thing he's said the entire time. He grabs my arms pulling me to my feet and starts to help me get my pants on. This brings his face in line with my chest and he stops to lick it, pressing his mouth to my skin. "Ahhh...god..." I moan, pulling him against me. I have no shame now, I need the contact too badly.

But no sooner has he started than Snape is pulling him off, grasping him harshly by the neck. He roughly drags Draco to a door in the back of the classroom. Draco is squealing and struggling, but he's also grinning like fool. I'm intrigued. I realize I'm expected to follow, so I do.

Snape takes us down one narrow passage and a flight of stairs. Then another passage to a door hidden deep within the castle. It requires a spell to get in, which Snape performs. When the door opens, he shoves Draco through it, sending him sprawling on the floor. Draco stays there lying on his back and panting happily. He pulls his shirt up and rubs his stomach before dipping his hand down the front of his pants and making a spectacle of stroking himself.

Snape towers over him, sneering, and puts his foot right on Draco's groin, pressing down until Draco gives, "I'm sorry!....I'm...I'll behave, I promise." He's still grinning.

"Get up you silly boy."

I close the door behind me and go stand by Draco. Whatever it is we're going to do...I want to get to it. My cock is throbbing and I can hardly think straight.

Snape takes his robes off and drapes them over a chair. I look around the room. It's a bedchamber. A nice one, with a bath and a fireplace, and an enormous ornate bed. But it's not anyone's private quarters. I realize what that means...and I shiver. Who knew.....

He turns to us, "Get undressed and get on the bed." Just like that. No flowers. No wine. Just *get undressed and get on the bed*. It's exactly what I would have expected from Snape...and it drives me wild. I drop my shirt, which I never bothered to button, and start to tear at my pants. I'm watching Draco pull his sweater off in a similar fashion, and then he's loosening his tie and trying to yank his shirt off without unbuttoning it. I help him, before he chokes himself and the tie gets left behind. "Leave it," I say, "it's sexy."

He smirks at me, "My god Potter, who knew *you* had a kinky side?" We're standing very close and I can't help myself. I grab him and kiss him hard, tangling my fingers in his hair. He instantly molds to my body, wrapping his arms around me and rubbing against my hip. He's a fucking minx.

Snape clears his throat right in my ear and scares the shit out of me. He grabs Draco by the hair, bending his head back to look him in the eye, "You seem to forget there are rules here." Draco's panting and wincing, clutching at Snape's hand. Irrationally, I wonder what I'd have to do to make Snape grab *me* like that.

He releases Draco and we finish stripping under relative control. Draco climbs on the bed first and amuses himself by striking poses...some very sexy and some downright lewd. I love them all. I catch Snape out of the corner of my eye. He's amused too, and that surprises me.

I start to climb on the bed, and horny as I am right now, it still shocks me...what I'm about to do. I'm naked with Draco Malfoy and we're in bed together. And Snape is....taking off *his* clothes. I don't really know why it's just now occurred to me that he may want to do a bit more than direct. I shudder because now I *know* I'm in over my head. The only thing that keeps me here is the mysterious liquid flowing through my body that's got my cock hardwired to my brain. Draco's latched onto the back of my neck and he's biting me nastily. I knock him off and push him down on the bed. I take it back, curiosity is keeping me here as well.

"That's good," purrs Snape, when he sees me holding Draco down. "Lie down on top of him, Potter...he'll like that." I look at Draco's naked body. He's stunning...lithe and smooth and flawless. And his skin *is* as soft as it looks. I sit back on my knees for a moment and slide my hands up his torso and back down his thighs. He squirms and arches under my touch, and my body is on fire once more.

I lie down on him and hiss as our bodies connect. The feel of his skin touching mine all over is cool and seductive, smooth and so very alive. It's wildly erotic and I wonder why I've never thought of this before. His arms snake around me and his lips are on my neck. It's wonderful. I shift so our erections touch and we both moan. I'm just starting to rub against him when Snape kneels on the bed behind me. "Patience, Potter......" he reminds, and I stop without being asked. But he grasps my hips and pulls me up on my knees anyway.

Draco's grip tightens around me. He hooks his feet around my ankles and pulls my legs apart. I'm bent over him now, with my legs spread and my ass in the air. Snape is behind me. I move to look over my shoulder, but Draco holds me there. He stiffens his legs too, so I can't move at all. I get it...I'm meant to be tied down and Draco is the rope.

It isn't until I feel Snape's hand on my ass that I think to wonder why. But it doesn't take me long to figure it out. Snape's fingers are doing their spider routine again, but now they're exploring my backside and one is stroking my hole. I know what Snape has in mind and I'm not sure I approve because I've never done this before. "Professor..." I say, in a trembling voice, "I d-"

"Just relax..." he intones, smooth as velvet. He pours something cold down the crack of my ass and I jerk a bit, making Draco clutch me tighter. Then one long finger is easing inside, and I'm lost because every nerve ending from my knees to my elbows feels it. He starts to move it slowly, demonstrating his intent. My god...I never knew anything could be this amazing. I'm rocking against it now, and moaning softly. I curl my fingers around Draco's shoulders. Snape adds another finger and I'm seeing stars. I start to gasp and moan. I want more. My cock is throbbing and wet, and I'm hot all over.

Then Snape's fingers are gone and his hands are on me. I feel something else pressing against my hole and I start to shake. I'm nervous and I consider telling Snape this, but don't really get a chance because he's shoving into me and oh god...it hurts. It hurts and I'm certain that I can't do this. "I can't....I'm not....oh *god*," I moan. The words won't come because I can't think straight, and he's still pushing deeper. I feel raw and full. I struggle to get up, but Draco keeps me pinned there, licking my neck and kissing my ear. My cock still thinks we like this because it's straining and tingling and every time I happen to brush against Draco, I gasp with the pleasure that fights it's way though.

"That's good, Potter.....so, so good," purrs Snape. His voice is thick and breathy, and his fingers clutch my hips. I can feel him throbbing inside me, and the pain is overwhelming. I'm panting frantically and I can't move. Draco touches my face and when I turn he kisses me, softly. I pull away because I can hardly breathe.

Snape is fully inside me now, and he's not moving. The heat from my ass is unbearable and I'm gasping. I want it to stop, but underneath the pain there's more of the wonderful fire I felt before. My body knows that and, thanks to Snape's potion, it won't let me rest until it gets it. Draco is stroking my face and rubbing my back. I finally realize that he's been trying to distract me from the pain. It helps, but not much.

Snape starts to move within me and the pain explodes again, only now it's changing so I can't get used to it. I'm starting to make Draco's cat noises as Snape fucks me, screeching and wailing. That's what's happening now....Snape, *Professor* Snape...is *fucking* me. I can't remember how I got here. He's pulling farther out now and driving back in, searing me with each thrust. I'm yelping and my legs are trembling. I still don't know if I'll make it. I bury my face against Draco's neck and arch my back. I feel him stroking my hair, nuzzling me.

There's that underlying pleasure still and I can't resist it. Snape's picking up his pace, and I find myself moving with it. The pain and the pleasure are intertwined now and I can't stop, even though I still want to. A few tears run down my face and Draco brushes them away with his fingers. He starts to kiss me again, more passionately now. His tongue is prodding my lips and I open my mouth, and oh fuck....his tongue slides over mine, and I feel *that* all the way to my dick.

His hands are stroking my shoulders and my neck, his fingers are tangled in my hair. And all the while he's kissing me and petting me....he's practically making love to me. I can't get enough. I moan...for him this time, and he seems to know it because he's moaning back.

Snape's fucking me hard now, and fast...and the pain is still there but I'm starting to crave it, my body needs sensation so bad, and I'm fucking back in spite of myself. I can hear him breathing hard and ragged, and the thought that he's close to losing control is exciting. I want to see it happen. I start to squeeze and clench my muscles, put a little added sex appeal into my already sincere moaning and wailing. He likes that.

"*YES*..." he whispers harshly, "That's it, Potter.....that's good." And then he's sort of growling softly and he holds me tight as he slams into me deep and hard several times, coming deep inside me. He slows down, panting and sighing a bit. Then he's pulling out and I realize he's done and I'm still frantic for release. "NO...wait...." I wail, needing him to finish what he started. "Wait, I'm not..."

"Take it easy, Potter..." he says rubbing my back. He sounds amused. I hiss as he slides out of me, but it feels so good to be free of it...even though I want it back so damn bad. He's leaning over me and pulling me up so I'm kneeling on the bed between him and Draco, who's writhing on the bed touching himself. His voice is in my ear again, "Now it's Draco's turn."

"OH...*god*....." I moan, "I don't think I...I mean I want...but..." I'm just too far gone to form a sentence. What I want to tell him that I need to come so *damn* bad and I want him to fix it.

"You'll like this...I promise." Snape shushes me and he pulls me back against his body as we kneel there. I gasp when I feel his naked skin down the length of my back and my thighs. He's got one arm around my waist and the other crossed over my chest holding me up, which I'm thankful for because I'm not sure I can manage that myself. My arms are pinned to my sides and, once again, I can't move. I struggle experimentally and Snape holds me tighter. I like that. His chin is on my shoulder and our faces are nearly touching, I can feel his breath on my skin.

Draco is still lying back, fondling himself and watching my capture. Snape speaks over my shoulder, "If you want him, you can come and get him now..." Draco lights up and he's in front of me in a flash, licking and nipping the parts of me that aren't covered by Snape's arms. He kisses me hotly, stroking my mouth with his tongue, making me moan and squirm. Then he does the same to Snape...right over my shoulder, which startles me. I've never thought of Snape kissing anyone, not even when I had his dick in my ass. Now I've got a front row seat. Draco's got to press against me to do it, and that only stokes the fire that's threatening to eat me alive. They seem to have forgotten about that and I remind them. "Ohhh, *fuck*.....please......"

Draco grins wickedly and drops to the bed, twisting around and getting on all fours, backing up to me. And, oh my fuck, I want him to do that....I know what's coming next now, and Snape's right. I like it. Snape presses his hips against my ass, forcing me to thrust outward, making me more available to Draco. As if I would fight him on this. Then he shifts his grasp so he's got me tight with one arm and the other is free to hold my cock, positioning it for us. He gets me lined up and then reaches for the little vial, pouring slick clear oil on us. The sensation is too much of a tease and I try to shove my cock into Draco.

Snape catches me and holds me back against him, "Patien-"

"Fuck your patience! You know I can't possibly have any, you bastard."

His free hand clamps over my mouth crushing my head back against his shoulder and neck. "Then let's talk about your manners shall we?" he says in a soft voice. He grips me tighter with both arms and holds me still. Strangely, I find this slightly calming.

"Are you ready, Draco?" His tone of voice is polite, as if he and Draco are leaving for the opera. Draco answers by impaling himself on my cock and I cry out loud into Snape's hand. I've never felt anything as fucking good as that and all I can think is how much I want him to do it again.

Draco is better at this than I am, and he starts right in easing up and down on my cock. He's marvelous...tight and smooth, and oh my god, he's so very very hot. My cock aches so wonderfully and the heat from his body is invading mine. Snape's behind me rocking his hips, moving my body in time with Draco's, as if he's fucking Draco though me. Or with me. I'm panting with excitement, only with Snape's hand over my mouth I can only breathe through my nose and it's loud, so I sound like I'm drowning. Which I think I am, because I've been so worked up for so long, and this feels *so* damn good.

"Do you like it, Potter?" whispers Snape in my ear. I nod frantically. I twist in his arms hoping that now I've admitted it, he'll let me go so I can fuck Draco the way I really want to. He doesn't. His face is right against the side of mine and he keeps talking. "I enjoyed doing that to you...enjoyed it very much." He's speaking softly, seductively and his voice feels just like his fingers on my skin. He lowers it a notch, back to just above a whisper, "Did you like it when I *fucked* you?" I groan and arch my back. His inflection on the word "fucked" drives me wild...makes the act that much more erotic in my memory.

Draco is mewling and gasping as he works himself on my cock. He's graceful even now as he leans back onto me and pulls forward again and again, stroking me with his body...fucking himself with mine. He's moving slowly but with a fair amount of force. He's in no hurry. My desire and arousal are at a fever pitch, and my body is shaking. I whine against Snape's hand. He presses his lips against my neck, brushing the skin softly before opening his mouth and licking me. His tongue travels up the side and traces my ear, making me dizzy and weak. I'm still whining.

Snape breaks away, "Finish it, Draco....or I will...."

Draco squeaks and picks up the pace. I see him brace himself on one arm and slip the other down between his legs. He begins to stoke himself, and his moans take on a much deeper pitch. He's shaking too, now, and his movements are not nearly so graceful. But knowing that he's close makes them just as sexy. He takes me right to the brink, I'm that close. I'm completely helpless between the two of them...Snape holding me captive, licking and kissing me...and Draco fucking me. I know that sounds strange, but he's the one in control...*he's* fucking *me*. And, oh my god, I love it so much. As frantic as I am, as much as I want to come...I don't really want it to end.

But it does. Draco comes suddenly with a strangled cry, slamming onto me so hard I'm convinced it must hurt. He's moaning loudly, forcing out a word with every thrust, "OH...Potter...*GOD*......"

Snape is excited by this, "That's right, Draco, you deserve this...you've done a very good job. Fuck him hard, and when you're done....make him come for me..." He takes his hand from my mouth and tangles it in my hair, twisting me and covering my lips with his before I can even so much as take a breath, kissing me so harshly I feel his teeth scrape against my skin.

Draco follows orders by clenching his body around me, and that's all it takes. I'm coming hard, jerking my hips as much as I can and wailing against Snape's mouth. My body tenses and then shudders with the sweet release, going slack in Snape's arms. Draco continues at it hard but slower, working me until I'm spent and weak and all I can do is pant for air.

Finally, Draco stops and moves away from me, flinging himself down in his back. His hand is covered in his own cum and he wipes it on his chest slowly, watching us still. Snape lets me go and I drop to the bed next to Draco, feeling utterly used up. I look at Draco, he's flushed and slightly sweaty, his hair is mussed up. I know I must look the same.

Snape crouches over Draco, kissing him long and slow. I still find this strange to watch, but erotic at the same time. Then he moves down and begins to lick the cum from Draco's skin. I'm entranced. I've never seen anything quite so sensual. It's made more so by the contrasts between the two...dark and pale, harsh and frivolous. Draco sighs with pleasure and squirms slowly beneath Snape's tongue. He brings a hand up and tangles it in Snape's hair. I'm overcome with curiosity and shocked at my own boldness as I move forward and join Snape. With just a slight hesitation I flick my own tongue over Draco's chest. He's warm and the taste is salty and earthy. Draco clutches at me, "Mmmm...Potter..."

I lick him in long strokes, marveling at how smooth his skin is. He's like silk. My head is close to Snape's and we brush each other occasionally, but we are both intent on the sweet body beneath us. Draco is writhing now, and squealing appreciatively. I can feel the vibrations of his voice through my tongue. I see Snape slide his hand over Draco's belly and then Draco is gasping and arching. I look down and see that he's hard again and Snape has a firm grip on his cock.

Snape continues to lick his chest, speaking seductively against his skin, "Do you want to come again, Draco?"

Draco gasps and whines, "Yes...yes, please Sir....*please*...." He's thrusting into Snape's hand and stroking his hair pleadingly. Snape gets up on his knees, hovering over Draco, braced on one arm and stroking him with the other. He jerks him off with swift practical movements, and within just a couple of minutes Draco is wailing and bucking, coming onto his own stomach. "Fuck, oh fuck, yes...."

When Draco settles down, panting, Snape releases him and bends down to kiss him soundly. Then he grabs my hair and pulls *me* close for a kiss. I have to lean over Draco for this and when Snape lets go, Draco grabs me and rolls us over kissing me himself. I let him lie on me and now that we are both finally sated, it feels soft and warm and comfortable. We neck with each other in a friendly sort of way. I can feel the cum on Draco's body getting smeared on my skin, but I don't mind. I'm too tired to care.

Snape climbs off the bed and I can hear him in the bathroom, washing. He comes out and begins to dress. Draco and I are still tangled together on the bed. Snape drops his robes over his arm and says, "There's water in the tub...it will stay hot until you need it. Take a bath before you leave." And then he goes out the door, pulling it shut behind him.

Draco and I lie drowsing on the bed kissing and touching lazily, and I find myself wondering. What will Potions class be like tomorrow?