Title: Dunce
Author: SassyInkPen (Oct 2004)
Pairing: Harry/Dudley (en made me do it)
Rating: [Adult] NON-CON (mostly)
Part: 1/1
Summary: Harry has a choice to make, and no matter what, he loses.

Disclaimer: OH lord, why must we disclaim? JKR created these fine men, and this captivating world...she must have known we'd play in it.

By SassyInkPen


"It's not working," grunted Dudley, shifting his great bulk about. 

As far as Harry was concerned, this was good news, but he was fully aware that in the long run, he would wish it had worked. As it was, he was handcuffed to the rail of his bed with his pants in a ball on the floor and his face shoved into the blanket. It was a new game Dudley had taken to playing that involved attacking Harry and getting him into a compromising position in which to grope or fondle him. Harry certainly wasn't happy about it, but he knew better to fight it when there was still so much of the summer to endure.

This time, however, Dudley had cornered him in his own room...and he was getting far bolder than he'd been before. When it was apparent that Dudley had more on his mind than a little slap and tickle, Harry had started to fight for all he was worth, but against his cousin, that didn't count for much considering Dudley's great strength. It hadn't taken Dudley very long to get him pinned and shackle one wrist to the bed so he couldn't get away.

Now, Dudley was on his knees trying to force his meaty cock into Harry's body and not having much luck...primarily because he couldn't see what he was doing. Not to mention that his bulk simply got in the way. He'd been fumbling around for several minutes, Harry arguing with him and trying to hit or kick him all the while. But Harry had not been able to land a good blow, and Dudley had no success in raping his cousin.

"Of course it isn't working!" seethed Harry, lashing out as best he could with his free hand. "You're too much of a dunce to know how it goes, now get the fuck off me!!" 

Dudley clocked him a good one and loomed over him as he slumped dazedly on the bed. He wrenched Harry's free arm up behind his back. "I'm not such a dunce...I know just how to make you do anything I want." He shoved Harry off the side of the bed, making him wince as the cuffed wrist got twisted, then he stretched out on his back, trousers around his knees and shirt unbuttoned. Fluffing up the pillows beneath his head and lacing his fingers behind his neck with an air of supreme confidence, he said, "Get up here and you make it work, Potter, and be quick about it."

Harry got to his feet, keeping as far a distance as he could. He gaped at Dudley and scoffed, "You must be joking. You don't think I'm really gonna scale your fat hulk and screw you, do you?"

He pulled his t-shirt down to cover his naked privates while he looked around to find where Dudley had flung his pants. With any luck, they would still be within reach, since he knew that no matter what happened, he wasn't getting uncuffed without the use of magic.

Dudley's face turned purple for a moment. A good imitation of his father. Then he grabbed Harry's arm and gave a mighty tug, pulling Harry close, bent over the side of the bed at an awkward angle. "Yes I do think you're gonna do it, and I think you're gonna do a damn good job of it too, if you know what's good for you..."

Harry's eyes darted to the tiny nook in the corner of his bookcase that he'd arranged for just such an occasion. With a grim smile, he stared Dudley right in the eye and stuck out his hand, "Accio wand!"

As he stood there ready to gloat in the face of fear that should be coming from his cousin any moment, he realized that he was still holding out an empty hand...and the only expression on Dudley's face was one of piggish triumph.

"Acccio *wand*!" he repeated, looking to where it should have been tucked away ready to fly to his aid. A cold chill ran down his spine when nothing happened. He wracked his brain. Had he forgotten and packed it away in his trunk after studying last night?

"Your wand isn't here, Potter..." grinned Dudley in an oily voice. He reached out to rub a sweaty hand down Harry's side, squeezing roughly.

Harry winced and narrowed his eyes at Dudley, "You're lying." He was sure he'd warded it carefully. But then...it was a new spell, and it was possible he'd cast it wrong...

The dead certainty in Dudley's eyes left little doubt in his mind. "You have to give it back, Dudley," he said with a note of panic, "You could hurt someone or...or worse..." Not to mention that he could have a lot of power over Harry with it.

"Oh, I'll give it back," smirked his cousin, "Right after you climb on my cock like the good little slut that you are."

"No!" said Harry automatically. "I know you better than that. You'll make me do it and then I'll never see my wand again..."

"You sure as hell aren't going to see it again if you don't," warned Dudley in a low voice.

"Dudley, you don't know how dangerous they can be. Where is it?" Harry wracked his brain trying to think of a solution. He *had* to get that wand back. If merely *using* magic could get him expelled, he could just imagine what letting it fall into muggle hands would get him. He studied his cousin carefully, there was a flicker of fear at the very back of his bravado that reminded Harry that Dudley certainly did know how dangerous they could be. 

Dudley narrowed his eyes and clamped his fist tight around Harry's arm. "Get on with it, Potter, or I'll go snap that thing right in two!!"

It occurred to Harry that perhaps having it made Dudley more than a little nervous, and perhaps he'd actually rather get rid of it after all. He swallowed hard and cast a sidelong glance down his cousin's body. Dudley's prick lay bloated and purple against his belly, and Harry felt his stomach turn. But the thought of his wand, and the trouble he could be in, gave him strength.

Harry put one knee gingerly on the edge of them bed, sickened by what he was about to do. He just couldn't see any other way. If there was the slightest chance he could get Dudley to give his wand back, he had to try.

Dudley's thick mouth pulled into a gloating sneer. "I knew you'd do it...little whore that you are....bet you do this for all your friends. Or do they have to pin you down at school, too?"

Harry's temper flared and he hauled off to strike Dudley with his free hand, but Dudley caught that one too and pulled Harry close until they were face to face, Harry leaning heavily on Dudley's barrel chest, "If you pull another stunt like that, the deal's off and you're out one wand, Potter. You do it good or you're not getting anything but a severe pounding."

Harry turned his face away from Dudley's sour breath and tried to school his breathing. He could do this. He would do it and get his wand back and get the hell out of there.

With a little management and balance, Harry was able to swing his leg over Dudley's and sit on his thighs without having to touch him with his hand. He stared down at the fat worm of Dudley's cock and shuddered visibly. Without saying a word to Dudley, or even looking at him, Harry glanced around the room, searching for something to make his task a little easier. He spied his potions kit tucked in a corner and tried to remember what was in there. After a few moments, he said, "Accio palmetto oil."

Dudley heaved up onto his elbows, looking alarmed, "What are you going to do with that?"

"Make it slippery," muttered Harry, not wanting to discuss this at all, "That's why it wouldn't work...among other things." He poured a generous amount of the oil over Dudley's groin, peered at it through one squinted eye, and then poured a little more. Dudley giggled.

Not once had Dudley's repulsive erection shown any signs of going down, and Harry found himself mildly thankful since he wouldn't have to wait...or god forbid, get him hard again. Picking it up with his thumb and one finger, Harry lifted it to an angle he thought would work. He had to lean on the cuff shackling him to keep his balance while he climbed over it. He prayed for the cuffs to give way.

Dudley tried to maintain his appearance of snide boredom, but the short little panting breaths he took gave him away. Harry wished his cousin didn't like it so much. Of course, if he didn't like it so much, they wouldn't be in this mess. Setting the head of Dudley's cock against his opening, Harry sat back slowly, stopping up short with a yelp as it pierced him. He stayed just like that, with it barely an inch inside him, panting. There was sweat on his upper lip, and he could feel it breaking out on his chest and back. 

"Get on with it, Potter," urged Dudley eagerly. His face was turning pink. 

Harry lowered himself another couple of inches, panting feverishly at the invasion. The effort of holding himself in that position, one hand unavailable to help, and the pain of such an object wedged up his ass completely blotted out any humiliation he would have felt. That would surely come later. For now, it was enough to struggle with the situation.

Dudley made a series of disgusting little oohs and aahs, flexing his fingers and then balling them up into fists. "All the way...you have to go all the way down."

"I...I can't," gasped Harry. "There's no way..."

"You better find a way, or your wand is firewood."

Harry forced himself down another inch, a low moan escaping his lips. His entire body was trembling and he felt hot, and sick to his stomach. It was all he could do to make himself continue. The hot length of Dudley's cock made him feel raw and overly full. "Dudley," he pleaded.

"Shut it, Potter," panted Dudley, putting his hands on Harry's thighs and shoving down hard. Harry cried out as his backside landed flush with Dudley's thighs. He had to brace himself with his free hand on Dudley's chest.

"This is good," groaned Dudley, "I can see your face. You don't look too happy. I like that. Now fuck yourself..."

Harry couldn't form the words to answer, but he was thinking several vile things in his head and he tried to distract himself by committing them to memory to use later. He raised himself up with a shuddering moan, and with every ounce of resolve he had, lowered himself back down again. 

Dudley was panting uncontrollably and squirming around. So much so that Harry began to think he could get through this after all. With a little effort he was able to squeeze his muscles tighter and clamp his thighs around Dudley's hips. With less effort, he was able to paste a variety of painful expressions on his face, accompanied by some fairly sincere moaning and panting.

He became completely sincere in his expressions of pain when Dudley grabbed his legs and started thrusting up into him in short little jabs, grunting and making unpleasant faces. It burned, and Harry could do nothing but hold tight and wait for it to be over. He was pretty sure Dudley could care less if Harry came or not, and would probably think it pretty keen if he got left out of the fun.

Dudley collapsed on the bed as if he'd just run a marathon, little trickles of sweat dripping down onto Harry's pillow. Harry climbed off awkwardly, wincing with discomfort as Dudley's cocked pulled free of him. He wadded up his sheet and sat on it at the edge of the bed, back to Dudley. 

"Get my wand...now," he said in a dangerous voice.