Title: French Kiss

Author: SassyInkPen

Pairing: Colin/Dennis Creevy

Rating: [Adult] Incest.

Part: 1/1

Summary: Written for en by request - in return for animating an icon for me. He specifically wanted the Creevys and a bidet. *sigh*

Disclaimer:  I don't own 'em, I didn't make 'em...I just write what they "might" have done, given the chance.

French Kiss

by SassyInkPen


The Creeveys weren't exactly poor, but a hotel room the likes of the one the boys found themselves in was a rare, if unheard of treat.  But a combination of their good grades, Mom's nervous breakdown, and Dad's bonus had decided the family to take a much needed vacation to the south of France.  Their parents had even splurged on a separate room for the boys and Colin was pretty sure he knew why.  He was thankful they were at opposite ends of the hallway, with no thin walls between them. 

"Can you believe these French?!" asked Dennis, shaking his head as he emerged from the bathroom.  "The toilet breaks, and they don't bother to fix it, they just install another one right next to it." 

Colin stared incredulously as Dennis rolled his eyes.  He took his two cameras from his bag and set them on the bureau, then reached in and took out his latest toy, stroking it reverently before putting it in the center place of honor.  Curiosity finally got the better of him and, even though he knew it would make Dennis smug, he went into the bathroom to have a look.  Sure enough, there were two identical fixtures standing side by side in the elegant bathroom.  They were a gleaming slate color that matched the sink and bathtub, and were set amongst a stunning burgundy and silver backdrop. 

He reached out to one and pressed the handle.  It flushed the way a normal toilet would.  When he tried the same maneuver on the other one, a stream of water shot several feet into the air, arcing and splashing back into the bowl like a park fountain. 

"You idiot," he said, returning to the bedroom.  "Haven't you ever heard of a bidet?" 

Dennis looked at him skeptically.  "No....have you?" 

"Of course I have," shrugged Colin, turning back to his unpacking. 

"Oh yeah?" challenged Dennis, hands on hips.  "So what's it for?" 

Colin turned on him with a wicked grin. "It's for washing your arse," he said bluntly.

Dennis gaped at him for a few moments and then convulsed into gales of helpless laughter, flopping bonelessly on the bed.  Colin couldn't help but grin at the spectacle his brother made.  Nor could he resist the infectious giggling. 

Snickering, he poked Dennis in the ribs, "Seriously, you should try it.  Who knows? A perv like you just might like it." 

Dennis sat up and studied him, and Colin could see the wheels turning in his brother's head.  After a moment, Dennis licked his lips carefully and grinned, cocking his head.  "I will if you will...." 

Colin felt his mouth go dry.  Things at home had gotten ever more interesting since Dennis hit puberty, and although Colin still wasn't entirely sure he knew how to handle it....he was totally game. 

"You're on," he shrugged, hiding his excitement, "But you go first." 

"All right..." drawled Dennis as he crawled off the bed.  He was much better at this than Colin was.  "You have to watch though." 

"Sure," squeaked Colin, just a little too quickly. 

Dennis laughed and sauntered into the bathroom.  He was fiddling with the knobs and had a perplexed look on his face.  "How's this thing work, anyway?" 

"Pretty much like a sink, really," answered Colin.  He watched Dennis try to sit on it experimentally, still in his clothes.  "I think you sit the other way 'round though...facing the wall." 

Dennis looked behind himself, over his shoulder, and then back to Colin, "Well that's no fun."   He snapped open his trousers and worked the buttons down the fly with lazy ease.  Then he lowered them with the grace of a well paid stripper.  Colin had no idea where this came from, and secretly suspected his brother simply had that elusive "it" everyone talks about.  Whatever "it" was, he loved every minute of it, even as he felt the blush creep up his cheeks. 

Dennis straddled the bidet, leaning forward on the palms of his hands.  It was clear to Colin that he was doing more posing than actual 'trying', so he prodded his brother.  "Turn on the water, twit." 

"So impatient..." chided Dennis, running his hands appreciatively over the cool porcelain.  He glanced over his shoulder and then leaned back to grasp the tap.  As he stretched, he let his thighs spread open slightly, his smooth cock poking up between his legs.  Colin licked his lips.  He'd only recently discovered just how sweet that part of his brother was, and he still got a jolt of excitement when he caught a glimpse of it. 

Dennis turned on the water, squealing as a jet of warm water hit him in the backside.  He wriggled and smiled broadly at Colin.  "It tickles," he said with a smirk. 

"Yeah, I'll bet it does," said Colin, folding his arms and leaning back against the sink.  He needed to give his growing erection a little more room.  The spots of color starting to form on his brother's cheeks told him that it did more than just tickle.  Colin gloated for a moment.  There was a certain erotic pleasure in knowing this little detail about Dennis.  Certainly there was only one way to learn such a thing about someone... 

A tight warm sensation formed in the pit of his belly and he bit his lip as he watched his little brother arch his back to position himself at just the right angle.  He could see the pleasure on his brother's face, in the growing flush and the parted lips.  It was beautiful and he straightened up abruptly.  "I'll be right back, stay just like that!" 

"Don't worry," groaned Dennis, "I'm not going anywhere.  This is hot." 

Colin tripped over his own feet walking out the door, and was back in a flash with his best camera, which he set on the vanity top.  He also carried his newest addition - a fully enchanted three-dimensional video camera.  When played back, the viewer would be able to witness the action as if it were taking place directly in front of him. 

Dennis glanced up at him with lust-heavy eyes.  "Are you gonna take my picture?" 

"What's the matter?" teased Colin as he fiddled with the settings on the video camera, "Are you suddenly camera shy?"  He knew better, of course.  The day his brother didn't want to be in front of a lens was the day hell froze over and pigs flew on their own. 

"No, no," purred Dennis, rocking his hips against the jet of water.  (Colin nearly dropped the camera.)  "I just want to make sure you get my good side."  He flashed Colin a wicked grin. 

"You're busy using it," quipped Colin as he made a few more adjustments on the video camera.  When he finished, he simply opened his hands and let go.  Little propellers on the top and sides sprang to life and the camera lifted into the air, floating all around Dennis, capturing his performance from every possible angle. 

Dennis preened and posed for the camera, writhing and moaning on his wet perch.  Colin stood riveted to the sight for a few seconds, hard and throbbing.  After a moment, though, he remembered his camera and reached for it, snapping a steady stream of pictures. 

Dennis met his eye through the camera lens and licked his lips before throwing back his head and moaning loudly. 

"That's fantastic," Colin breathed, taking a close shot of his brother's smooth cock.  As he clicked the shutter, Dennis' long fingers slipped into view, curling around the hard length of it. 

"Oh yes," panted Colin, "do that...that'll be perfect."  He glanced up to be certain that his new video camera was capturing every moment.  He was quite sure that he'd be watching it again. 

Dennis whimpered as he stroked himself eagerly.  He was practically bouncing on the jet of water pelting his backside.  The sounds his brother made were one of Colin's greatest weaknesses and he tore open his trousers with one hand, desperate to relieve some of the tension in his groin.  The quality of his photography plummeted from this point, but he hardly cared. Dennis was flushed and wanton, eyes squeezed shut as his hand flew faster and faster. 

Before too long, Colin abandoned the camera all together and they both sat there, eyes locked as they fisted themselves.  The video camera whirred around them, darting in and out for close up shots, and curving around for long slow pans. 

Dennis cried out, gripping the rim of the bidet with an iron hand as he came hard, trying not to fall off.  Thick drops of white come splattered the slate floor between them. 

Colin licked his lips, panting harder as he stroked himself furiously, overcome with lust.  Dennis wiped his hand on his shirt and grinned lazily at him, then Colin allowed his eyes to drift shut as his own climax built.  Just as he was on the verge of coming, a strong hand clamped down over his, stopping him cold despite his best efforts. 

Colin's eyes flew open wide to find his little brother's face three inches from his own and grinning wickedly.  "No you don't, Colin...." Dennis taunted, "The deal was you'd try it if I did...." 

"Yeah, but..." 

"But nothing, it's your turn, bro," smirked Dennis standing up and tugging on Colin's hand.  "Trust me, you're not gonna regret takin' the time to get on there before you finish." 

A little shiver of lust shot down Colin's spine.  It had  looked as if Dennis enjoyed it... 

Dennis chuckled, "I can tell you want it."  Without waiting for an answer, he stripped Colin's trousers down to his ankles and nudged his brother until he stepped free of them.  Colin, still in a carnal daze, allowed Dennis to take charge and soon found himself seated over the porcelain fixture, feeling awkward but curious. 

"Ready?" asked Dennis with a smirk. 

"I...um, I guess," said Colin breathlessly, starting to stroke himself again. 

Dennis reached behind him and Colin yelped as a taut jet of water nailed him right in the backside.  His brother laughed.  With Dennis' firm hand on his shoulder, Colin settled back against the water, letting it massage him...almost like a tongue.  He thought of that at the same moment that Dennis' pink tongue snaked up the edge of his ear and the combination was enough to make him moan out loud. 

"There you go," whispered Dennis, sucking on his earlobe, "I knew you'd like it."  He reached down and pushed Colin's hand away, taking charge of jerking him off as well. 

Colin put up no resistance.  He just gabbed the edge of the bidet and held on, letting Dennis do whatever he wanted.  He knew from experience that whatever Dennis had in mind was more than all right with him. 

This time was no different.  Dennis was stroking him expertly with those long delicate fingers and leaning on his shoulder to keep him pressed down over that relentless water.  Colin's body was shaking and his breath came in ragged gasps as the pleasure raced through him.  He bucked against the twin torments, arching his back.  A low moan escaped his throat as his climax washed over him.  Had it not been for Dennis' strong arms, he would surely have slipped off.  As it was, Dennis had to turn off the water and help him to the floor, where Colin sprawled on his back. 

Colin lay there in a satisfied daze, grinning like a fool.  Dennis' face swam into view, as he hovered over him.  "You're such a lightweight," those angelic lips told him.  "If you weren't so fuckin' sexy when you get turned on, it would be pathetic." 

"S'all your fault," Colin mumbled.   "Tell the truth," he said, tucking a hand behind his head and pulling Dennis down on top of him, "Did you really know what a bidet was all along?" 

"Nope," said Dennis with a grin, "But I'm gonna figure out how to transfigure one by the time we go back to school..."