Welcome to my Potter Slash - Allow me to Bewitch and Mesmerize you with tales of Passion, Porn and Wizardry.



   - [Adult]  Harry/Cedric.  The GOF bathroom scene the way it should have been done.  Written for the Sekrit Santa 2005

      - [Mature]  Draco/Neville.  Draco discovers something new about Neville and uses it to satisfy his own curiosity.  Written for the Sekrit Santa 2004

     - [Mature] Remus/Peter Marauder Era.  A little fluffy ficlet written for the Remus Remix  

     - [Adult] Colin/Dennis Creevy. Incest.  Misuse of bidets.  Written for en in payment of an animated icon...this is what he wanted - I'm NOT responsible.

- [Adult] Severus/Sirius Marauder Era.  One possible (and slashy) version of the events leading up to the prank at the Shrieking Shack.  Co-written with the miraculous Creed Cascade.

- [Adult]  Lucius Malfoy, with a side of Snape.  This one is a particular favorite of mine, written for WizardWank.  We had to chose three elements - the first two I picked randomly by squinting my eyes....Flourish & Blott's  &   "Someone Else's Wand".   Well.....with a draw like that I just had to write Lucius.  Malfoy is self-indulgent, where does that get him?

- [Adult] Snape/Draco!Lucius. (Dubious consent)  Draco becomes fascinated with his father's secret life and decides to see for himself. Written for 101 Nights of Multifandom Porn Challenge.

- [Adult] Neville Longbottom.  Neville loses a bet and must appear at the Halloween Dance dressed as a princess....in the process he learns something new about himself.  Written for LJ WizardWank, details chosen for me by my pal en.

- [Adult] Dumbledore/McGonagall (Humor).  The Covenites challenge was "Het Sex"....and there's no way I could take that seriously, so I offer this little amusement instead.

- [Adult]  Snape/Hagrid.  (Adventure)  (There's one sex scene at the end, but the best bulk of this story is the quest Snape and Hagrid have to make)  This was part of an LJ game called the Sorting Hat, which randomly paired up writers, and I was lucky enough to be able to write with a very very talented Hagrid fan, TarotGoddess.  Not only does she write a fantastic Hagrid, but she knows tons about the magical creatures that made this so much fun to write.  She definitely put my Snape through his paces.

- [Adult] Harry/Dudley. (Non-con)  I'm going to apologize for this right off the bat - en challenged me to write this, and there was no way I was gonna back down to a guy who writes Squid!sex.

  - [Mature] Severus/Remus.  Written for the Sleeping Refuge Challenge and based on this quote from a Linkin Park song - "Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past.  Bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have.  Wounds so deep they never show they never go away.  Like moving pictures in my head for years and years they've played." 

Severus finds himself overwhelmed by his past.

-- [Adult]  Harry/Snape/Draco.  D/s, First time.  Harry goes wandering the halls of the dungeons at night and finds something totally unexpected.

FANART!  Chrysos drew a rather stunning piece of art for my story which you can see HERE.

    -- [Adult]  Harry/Draco/Lucius.  D/s, Corporal Punishment, First time.  Harry gets a peek into the private life of the Malfoys....and he can't resist going back for more.

    -- [Adult]  Snape/Lupin.  SSFF Third Wave Senario #19:  First Date Blues.   Remus Lupin returns to Hogwarts and finds he has some unfinished business.

  - [Adult] Snape/Lupin.  (Sequel to "From the Mouths of Gardeners").  SSFF Third Wave 3-Word Challenge:  Hogmanay, gewgaw, banter.   Severus takes some time during the holiday to reflect on his life....and his choices.

  -  [Adult]  Snape/Flint.  *ILLUSTRATED* - A couple stellar drawings by Zane.  Marcus Flint returns to Hogwarts as Snape's assistant and gets more than he bargained for.  This was originally a RolePlay that I did with Zane, but it turned out so great that I reworked it into story format.  I played Snape and Zane played Marcus.

-  [Adult] Snape/Flint.  Darkfic, Bloodplay.  (In case the title didn't give it away...it's a sequel).   Snape trips across one of Marcus's dark fascinations.

  -  [Adult] Harry/Draco.  BDSM.  A little PWP written for Kye's Harry/Draco BDSM Challenge.  Harry and Draco like to play games.....but Harry wants his turn.