Title: Skeletons
Author: SassyInkPen (Sept 2004)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Draco!Lucius (or would it be Lucius!Draco?)
Rating: [Adult] NON-CON (mostly)
Part: 1/1
Summary: They say everyone has skeletons in their closet...but what if they are still alive?

Disclaimer: OH lord, why must we disclaim? JKR created these fine men, and this captivating world...she must have known we'd play in it.

By SassyInkPen


He'd been coming around as long as Draco could remember, and from some of the photos he'd found tucked away in a book, he'd been doing it long before Draco was born. This didn't surprise Draco...but long ago it had piqued his interest.

Since that time, he'd huddled in corners and peered from stair railings, trying to get another glimpse of the tall, dark haired man, and another clue as to his association with his father.

By the time he started school, he knew that Snape taught there, and that he'd have ample opportunities to study the man. He was mesmerized instantly, and within a few years he was hooked. Draco was no fool either. He'd listened at enough doors and overheard enough innuendos to understand what Snape came for. But he'd never had a chance to see anything, to get more than a vague notion of what they shared. Curiosity was killing him.

His opportunity was presented to him in the form of a charmed note Snape gave him one afternoon as he was leaving for a visit home. He was supposed to have delivered it to his father, but spent the entire weekend trying to break the seals instead. When he finally managed it, he was rewarded with the information that Snape would be paying a visit to the manor in a month's time, and that he expected Lucius to welcome him.

Getting the hair was actually harder than brewing the Polyjuice potion. He'd become quite the rapt potions student, what with his unnatural interest in his professor...but getting into his father's bedroom to steal a hair off the pillow or brush before the house elves swarmed in to clean took him several days to accomplish.

Making the brew, however, was barely an effort for him. Neither was it very hard to convince Father that he needed a Belgian racing sled more than anything else in the world, and he would settle for nothing less than one brought directly from the maker. A deep shiver of something thrilling ran through him as he waved goodbye from his bedroom balcony and watched as the old carriage trundled away down the drive.

Slipping through the double doors of his father's dressing chamber, Draco peered around, glancing into the bedroom beyond and then went quietly into the closet, fingering the fine materials and inhaling the scent of expensive fashion.

Admittedly, he was a little nervous, and so he bathed first...then sat down in front of the mirror with the potion. He eyed it and studied himself in the mirror. Then drank.

Facing his father's reflection was actually more unsettling than the transformation itself. For the briefest of moments, he thought he was going to get in trouble. Then he smiled...and Lucius smiled back at him.

He began to feel the power of his size and he got up and strode around the room, stretching and preening with Lucius' cat-like grace. It felt odd in this body, large and tall and fully grown. He went to the mirror and looked at the patch of pale hair on his chest, neat and golden...soft to his touch. His eyes grew heavy as his hands roamed his father's torso, exploring the lean muscles and manly angles. 

His attention was soon diverted downward as the thick, man's cock began to stir. Such a contrast to his own eager but unpredictable teenage one. With a hitch in his breath, his hand stole down across the lean belly to touch. He was tentative at first, awed by the size and weight of it, but then grew more curious and circled his hand around it, watching as it flexed for him. He reached down to cup the balls, full and heavy. A hint of sweat broke over his brow.

Any further explorations were nipped in the bud as the door flung open and there stood Snape, robes discarded somewhere, white shirtsleeves rolled up. Draco's eye fixed on the dark mark on Snape's arm. Then he glanced down at his own...his father's.

"Really, Lucius," sneered Snape, "Don't you even have the decency to wait?" His lip curled and he looked pointedly to where Draco's hand was still lodged between his legs.

Draco followed Snape's gaze and blushed at being caught in the act. He yanked his hand away and tried to affect his father's smooth voice, "P-Severus..." he stammered. "So good to see you again."

"You can dispense with the niceties," snapped the man. "You're a little underdressed, don't you think?"

Draco was taken aback. Tried to imagine how Lucius would respond. Hoping that his own best rakish grin would work on his father's face, he took a few steps closer to Snape, "Does that really matter...?"

Snape slapped him across the face, "Of course it does." He marched to a tall narrow bureau in the corner of the room and stooped to open the bottom drawer. Pulling out a pink negligee, he returned and flung it in Draco's face. "Put it on."

"You've got to be mad..." gasped Draco, entirely at a loss. He'd imagined a thousand different possibilities, but this one never so much as crossed his mind. Draco let it drip from his fingers, slithering to the floor. "I'm not wearing that thing."

"You most certainly are." Snape stared at him evenly.

"This is..." Draco couldn't find the words to express what he felt at the moment. "I'm not doing this," he said, striding for the door.

Strong hands grabbed his shoulders and he felt a hard boot against his shin. His face was already ground into the soft green plush of the carpet before he knew what hit him.

"Honestly, Lucius," Snape was muttering, "you haven't played this game in decades, why start again now?"

Draco tried to struggle, but he was unused to the dimensions of this body and his attempts failed awkwardly. Snape had him pinned face down and was grasping him by the hip, trying to lever his backside into the air. At the same time, he could feel Snape's lean thigh wedging between his legs, forcing them open. He heard the sound of a zip and stark realization struck him right in the chest, wringing a strangled cry from his mouth.

The only reply was a disgusted snarl from Snape who grabbed a fistful of blond hair and used it to hold him in place while he took up his position. Draco renewed his efforts, panic taking control of his mind. Although he'd been aware that Snape's visits were most certainly sexual, he'd not yet had the experience to know fully what that would entail. Certainly not what his father's role in it might be.

There was little doubt left in his mind when Snape's fierce cock drove straight into him, spearing as deep as it could go. He screamed. It was fortunate that his father's body was more accustomed to this than he was, or he would surely be torn and bleeding by that point.

As it was, he clutched at the thick carpet with his fingers, trying to maintain some hold, knuckles turning white. Snape was ruthless, pounding into him with relentless force as he leaned over him, one hand still filled with hair and pressed to the ground and the other holding Draco's hip with bruising strength.

He was panting through clenched teeth and seethed, "You may try to fight me, Lucius, but I always prevail. I always teach you who's in charge, do I not?"

"Yes!" wailed Draco, thinking that perhaps submission would buy him some mercy. It did not. He could do little else but hold on and ride out the storm of his potion master's wrath.

But then Snape released his hip and Draco could feel that hand snaking around the side of his body. He trembled as it ran the length of his thigh, sliding higher until it snared his flagging cock.

"This will never do, Lucius..." hissed Snape. "I don't like a poor sport." He grasped that flesh firmly and started to stroke it with grim intent.

Draco shuddered and gasped, a thousand sensations exploding in his brain. His mouth fell open and he moaned with inarticulate clumsiness as he hardened rapidly. Every inch of him that moments before had felt pain...now was on fire, and he screamed again, clawing at the carpet. This time, however, instead of struggling, he writhed between the twin torments of Snape's hand and cock. Experienced though the body was, the mind within it was not, and Draco came hard and fast, spurting his father's semen on the carpet and the fingers of the dark man fucking him.

"That's much better, Lucius," purred Snape, taking his hip in hand again. A few sharp thrusts and there came the only few seconds that day when Snape was not utterly composed and in complete control. A gasp and a long shuddering hiss were all that marked the occasion, and then Snape was pulling out, casting fastidious spells with his wand and tucking in his shirt. "You'll meet me in the nightgown next time, or I'll whip you within an inch of your life," he said matter-of-factly. 

Then he stood up and extended a hand toward Draco. Draco took it, because he knew there was no other way he was getting off that floor. When he was on his feet, Snape pulled him close and spoke in his ear, voice low and oily. "Let's not forget that we have yet to agree to a time when we invite Draco to join these games...."

Draco's eyes flew open wide, mouth open to speak...but no words came. Snape was already pulling open the door, but turned back, "Think on it Lucius, I can tell you're interested, despite what you say."

Then he was gone.