Title: Soap Can't Hide

Author: SassyInkPen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Cedric
Rating: Adult
Part: 1/1
Summary: The bathroom scene the way it should have been

Soap Can't Hide

by SassyInkPen


Harry heaved an exasperated sigh as the sound of Myrtle's wrenching sobs trailed off down the toilet trap. He sunk deeper into the steaming water to try and get rid of the chill she'd left on him. He hated to hurt her feelings like that, but really, enough was enough and she was no good at taking a hint.

Swishing through the water, he turned and eyed the egg, sitting on the edge of the tub where he'd placed it. The words of the riddle were still running through his head and he was just starting to mull them over when he heard the door click and swing open on squeaky hinges. He ducked down low and stared toward the vestibule with huge eyes. There wasn't anywhere for him to hide or he would have bolted. As it was, he was certain he was done for and could hope that Professor Dumbledore would understand his reasons for being where he shouldn't be. Yet again.

There were sounds of rustling, and other moving about, but so far no sign of who was out there, or of anyone coming into the room where he was. For a brief moment, he thought he might just get away all right if someone had just come in to collect something or perhaps to brush their teeth. Any such thoughts died on the vine when a very tall, and very naked Cedric Diggory came striding into the room looking rather pleased with himself.

"All right there, Harry?" he asked, coming to stand at the edge of the tub.

Harry gaped at him, sinking down lower until the water came up to his nose. His arms were wrapped tightly around his body and his knees drawn up to try and hide himself. Cedric, apparently, had no such worried and stood there, proudly naked, hands planted on his hips and a broad smile on his face. Harry couldn't help noticing that Cedric was also half-hard, an observation that made his mouth go dry.

Cedric glanced down and poked at the egg with his toe. "You really brought that along, eh? Nice touch...very convincing."

Harry opened his mouth to speak...and took in a lungful of water, making him cough and splutter. He knelt on the bottom of the tub and rose up so that he could clear his throat and wipe away the tears streaming from his eyes. "You...you told me to," he croaked, coughing up the last of the suds.

Cedric smirked and stepped into the tub, moaning in deeply sensual way as he eased down in the water. His eyes were closed and his head lolled back a bit. Harry stared open mouthed. Finally, Cedric opened his eyes and looked at him quizzically. "That was just for the eavesdroppers and the onlookers, Harry, I thought you knew that."

Harry blinked at him. "Why...? I mean, what other reason..."

"Oh, come off it, Harry," Cedric said. "Everyone knows you and Weasley are on the outs. I figured if you're not getting it from him, I could always give you hand."

"A hand with what?" asked Harry slowly, although he had a feeling that he knew what Cedric meant. Vaguely, anyway. He'd never gotten anything from Ron or anyone else. He'd heard stories, of course, and he had a pretty good idea what a few other people were getting... Harry blushed straight to his toes.

The look Cedric was giving him plainly said that he didn't believe for a minute that Harry was as naive as he was making out to be.

"It's all right, Harry," Cedric shrugged. "I know you want him back, and I'm sure you'll get him too, I've got no intention of standing in the way of that." He pushed off from where he was leaning against the side of the tub and moved slowly towards Harry, hands gliding through the water to steady himself.

"Um..." Harry stammered, leaning back until his butt hit the floor of the tub.

"It's just the stress of the tournament, and all the extra attention, you know..." continued Cedric in a low voice, moving closer yet. "I figured we could both use a little...relief."

Harry's eyes flew open wide and his heart started thudding in his chest. He scootched backwards until he was pressed up against the far side of the tub. "You've got it all wrong, Cedric," Harry explained.

"Harry..." Cedric said dismissively, rolling his eyes. He didn't need to hear a lot of stammered explanations, he simply didn't care. He just wanted to have a little fun. Reaching under the water, he slid a firm up Harry's thigh, smiling.

Harry yelped and tried to moved back further, cracking his head on the rim of the tub. "No! I never....Ron and I never...I mean I never never..."

Cedric paused and cocked his head as Harry blathered on incoherently. A wry grin formed on his face and he glanced down at Harry's body through the water. "You mean, you never...with anyone?"

Harry shook his head, frozen in place by the weight of Cedric's hand on his leg. A sudden familiar cackling echoed through the room as Myrtle swooped up and around Cedric's head. "It's no wonder," she sneered, "being such a great prude!"

Harry swallowed hard and squeezed his eyes shut. This was easily the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him. He could feel his cheeks burning with shame.

"That's all right, Myrtle," Cedric said amiably. "I can teach him what he needs to know."

"I already tried that," she pouted, perching on the window sill.

"No offense," said Cedric, "But you don't exactly have the right touch, if you know what I mean?" He glanced up at her and arched an eyebrow."

"FINE!" she screeched and sailed off in an even bigger huff.

When she was gone, Cedric turned his attention back to Harry who was still tensed up against the side of the tub. He started massaging Harry's thigh slowly and leaned closer, brushing his lips along the edge of Harry's jaw line. "Relax," he whispered.

Harry couldn't breathe. Cedric's mouth was so warm against his skin and his hand was so firm and...the whole thing was so terribly exciting. Arousing is what it was. That's when Harry realized that he had a hard-on and he let out a little anguished wail of embarrassment.

Cedric chuckled and sat down close to Harry freeing up his other hand to start exploring the lean lines of Harry's chest and shoulders. "You're going to like it," he murmured soothingly, "I promise..."

Harry gasped and opened his mouth, carping silently for a moment before the words would finally come. "I don't think we should...I mean-"

"Hush," said Cedric firmly. "Seems pretty clear to me that this is exactly what you need."

It was becoming increasingly more difficult to argue with Cedric's logic, especially as his brain was turning to mush. Harry bit his lip and opened his eyes half-way to peer at Cedric.

"That's it," purred Cedric, meeting his gaze with a heated look. "You know you want it..." He slipped his hand further up Harry's leg to drag his thumb along the crease at his hip.

Harry gulped and stared at him, completely unsure of what to do.

"Let your legs relax," Cedric told him. It was almost as if he could read his mind. Harry took a deep breath and let go slightly, letting his knees fall open. It was something of a relief after tensing them for so long and he stretched a little. "That's better," Cedric told him.

Cedric reached down to pull one of Harry's legs across his lap, spreading his legs open a little wider, and giving his thigh a long slow caress. Harry's breathing grew a little ragged and he slouched lower in the water. Then Cedric's hand was moving higher and Harry's breaths were getting shorter. He yelped when Cedric's long fingers closed around his erection.

Cedric chuckled and grinned at Harry. "A little touchy aren't you?" He started to stroke Harry's cock lightly, taking his time.

"I've. No. I mean...No one's ever..." Harry spoke in short ragged gasps, eyes wide and hands pressed tensely to the floor of the tub.

"All the more reason to let me," Cedric told him. "I hate to think of you missing out..." He smirked as Harry squeezed his eyes shut, and admired the dark flush on his cheeks. Harry's hips were rocking softly in spite of himself and he was breathing hard. Cedric realized that if he was going to accomplish much, he'd have to act fast.

Reaching up to where an assortment of bottles and jars were stacked along the side of the tub, Cedric selected one that contained some kind of heavily scented bath oil. Harry whined when he let go of his cock long enough to open the bottle and pour the oil all over his hands.

Large rainbow rings of oil formed on the surface of the water as Cedric reached back in to grasp Harry and start stroking him again. This time, Cedric slipped his other hand down between Harry's legs and started to circle his hole with slick fingers.

"NOW what you doing?!" squeaked Harry. His voice echoed off the tile walls and rung in his ears.

"I told you I could I teach you..." purred Cedric, pushing one long finger deep into Harry's ass. It was tight and hot, but the oil eased the way somewhat.

Harry let out a sound that was a cross between a moan and a wail as his body tensed up around the intrusion. Shocks of harsh sensation rippled though his body and he gasped for breath, clawing at the floor of the tub with his fingers. "Cedric..." he groaned, letting his head fall forward.

"You can take it, Harry," said Cedric, thrusting lightly with his finger and carefully stroking Harry's cock.

"No..." Harry moaned, shaking his head.

Cedric kept at it, working him slowly and thoroughly. Harry might be trying to deny it, but his body was doing all the right things. Hips thrusting against him, chest heaving...cock hard as a rock. Cedric could feel it throbbing and he knew Harry wouldn't last much longer, despite his protests.

Harry's panting turned swiftly to moaning as Cedric picked up the pace and the intensity of his movements. "I told you that you'd like it," Cedric told him, voice thick with lust.

He was overcome with a desire to see Harry lose it completely. Licking his lips and staring steadily at the boy, Cedric slid his finger nearly all the way out and lined up a second one. He waited a fraction of a second and then drove them straight up Harry's ass, burying them as far as they would go.

Harry shrieked and then came hard, bucking against Cedric's hands and splashing water all over the place with the force of his climax.

Cedric moaned right along with him, watching intently. When Harry finally calmed down, he slipped a hand around the back of Harry's neck and pulled him forward for a crushing kiss. Harry was putty in his hands at this point, and Cedric held him there, snogging him mercilessly as he jerked himself to orgasm.

Harry's head swam with shock and sensation. Aftershocks raced through his body and seemed to match Cedric's moaning perfectly. Cedric was panting hard when he came, so that he lost his focus and his kisses slid off to the side, trailing hot and wet and against Harry's cheek and neck.

Finally Cedric picked up his head and fixed Harry with a heated gaze. His breath was still thick and heavy. "You...I have SO much more I want to teach you," he said. Then he grabbed a fistful of dark hair and claimed Harry in another searing kiss.