Title: Switch
Author: SassyInkPen (March 2003)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: [Adult]
Part: 1/1
Summary: A response to the BDSM fanfic challenge. Draco finally allows Harry to be Dom after he nags him about it.

Warning: This story contains BDSM (clearly), as well as graphic M/M sex. H/D are 17.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling, I just borrowed 'em.

By sassyinkpen@yahoo.com


"Come on, Draco.....It's only fair." Harry stood bent over the table in the empty classroom, as he had done several times in the last six months. 

"Fair's got nothing to do with it," said Draco, kicking at Harry's feet. "Spread your legs, Potter," he snapped with no small amount of irritation in his voice. "I swear, you're getting really fucking lazy about this." He ran a hand over Harry's jean covered ass, and tightened his grip on the short leather strap he was holding.

"I'm *not* lazy...I just want my turn. I mean, this is getting a little old."

Draco's eyes widened and he cocked his head, "Oh? Am I hearing you correctly, Potter? Are you getting...*bored*?"

Harry sighed and laid his head on the table, this conversation was getting old too. "No, Draco, I ju-"


Harry squealed and jumped several inches to the side as Draco landed a harsh blow directly across his ass without warning.

"You sound like a pig when I do that," Draco giggled.

"Fuck," spat Harry, rubbing his butt, "You little shit."

Draco turned serious, "Get your ass back here. It's mine and I'm not finished with it."

Harry was a little fed up. They'd been doing the same thing for weeks and he wanted something different. He'd brought up the idea of switching places, but Draco wouldn't hear of it. He stood up with his hands on his hips, "What if I don't want to?"

"Then you can bloody well leave, bitch!" sneered Draco, pointing to the door.

"Fine," said Harry narrowing his eyes. He turned on his heel and grabbed the robes he had tossed over a nearby chair. He was just reaching for the door handle when he heard Draco squeak behind him.

"Harry..." whined Draco. He shuffled his feet and pouted. Harry wasn't moving. "All right," he huffed, scowling at Harry, "All right, I'll do it." He hung his head and held out the strap to Harry.

Harry paused and considered Draco for a moment, then walked slowly back. "How do I know you're being serious?"

Draco snorted and rolled his eyes, "Christ, Potter, if you're gonna be a b-"

Harry's hand shot out and slapped Draco across the face, leaving a livid handprint on the pale cheek. "Shut your mouth until I tell you to open it again."

Draco blinked and stared at him wide eyed, one hand cradling his cheek, but pressed his lips tight together. Harry kicked off his shoes and socks and dropped his robes on the table. Then he peeled off his t-shirt, leaving just his jeans. He pulled out the chair so the back was facing Draco, "Bend over."

Draco hesitated a second, then leaned over the back of the chair, bracing his hands on the seat and spacing his feet comfortably apart. Nervously, he tried to glance over his shoulder. Harry stood behind him, just enjoying the thrill of finally being on top. He yanked Draco's pants to his knees, grinning when Draco squeaked. He bent forward and licked slowly up the crack of the blonde's ass, making him shiver. Then he wet one long finger and drove it deep into Draco's hole, pressing his fist hard against him.

"Shit, Potter...." groaned Draco.

Harry pulled out and stood up, barking at Draco, "Did I tell you to open your mouth?"

Draco shook his head.

"I can't hear you...."

"No," was the meek reply.

"No, what?"

"No, Sir."

Harry smiled. That sounded so lovely coming from Draco's snotty mouth...and it came so easily too. "How many strokes would you give me if I had disobeyed you like that?"

"I don't know..."

Harry came around the front of the chair and grabbed a fistful of Draco's hair, pulling his head up and looking straight in his eyes. "Yes you do...Come on now, tell me..."

Draco swallowed hard and said, "T-Twenty." He gazed at Harry, awed by the intensity with which he filled the role. It made Draco hard instantly.

"That's right. And that's exactly what you're gonna get."

Draco started panting with dread. He'd never been particularly gentle with Harry. He'd never been strapped either, he'd just always assumed his rightful place on top. Harry moved behind him and stroked his ass lightly. Then he raised his arm and brought the strap down across Draco's bare cheeks.

Draco yelped loudly as the pain shot through his body. Harry moved quickly and delivered all twenty blows in rapid succession, until Draco was howling and begging him to stop, tears streaming down his face. Harry stood close behind him, pressing the bulging erection in his pants against Draco's heated ass. He rubbed Draco's back and cooed, "You'd let me do that again, wouldn't you?"

Draco sniffled, "Please don't..."

Harry stepped back, "No? You can always leave if you like..." He waited.

Draco remained stationary, panting and wiping his face. Harry reached over and ran a hand through Draco's hair. "That's a good boy..." he said, rubbing the strap over Draco's flaming cheeks. "In fact, you're doing so well, I'll only give you fifteen."

He stepped back and immediately launched into the second set of blows, raining them down with force. Draco jerked his body in a vain attempt to escape the pain. He was screeching and bawling. Harry finished the last blow and tossed the strap on the floor in front of Draco, letting him know the punishment was over. His hair had fallen over his eyes as he strapped Draco, and he reached up to smooth it back.

He looked at Draco's trembling form and felt his dick surge. He was fucking gorgeous. "Sit in the chair, Draco," he commanded. Draco complied, easing himself down gingerly, pants still around his ankles, and stiff cock standing painfully erect.

Harry searched through his robes and pulled out his wand. Then he returned and conjured up ropes that bound Draco's legs to the chair and his hands behind his back. He shoved his wand in the waistband of his jeans, and reached forward to tear open Draco's pale silk shirt, pushing it down off his shoulders.

Harry grabbed Draco's hair and yanked his head back, biting at his neck until his lips were near Draco's ear. He settled onto Draco's lap, crushing his trapped erection, and whispered softly, "You're so pretty like this....*so* pretty." Then he kissed Draco hotly, leaving their lips flushed. 

Harry stood and picked up the strap, transfiguring it into a flogger with long soft strands of suede. Then, he stood next to Draco and draped the strands over Draco's shoulder, sliding them over his body and down across his cock, making Draco moan and gasp. "Harry...."

"What is it Draco?"

"Harry, *please*..."

Harry continued to drag the strands over Draco's skin. "Mmmm....that's it, boy....beg for me..."

"God dammit, Harry!"

Harry reached out and slapped his thigh, hard, making him jerk and cry out, "AH! Harry...please...please, get on with it...I'm too damn horny for you to fuck around."

"OH? Well in that case, why don't you jerk off while I watch," taunted Harry. 


Harry grinned...he didn't want that either. He stepped back and flicked his arm, sending the strands spattering down over Draco's chest like hail. Draco hissed as little stings landed all over his torso, creating heat that spread quickly through his body. Again the shower fell, and he arched into it, needing more.

Harry picked up the pace, flogging Draco steadily. He was delighted with the spectacle Draco was making...twisting against his bonds...panting and moaning loudly. When he aimed his strokes lower to cover Draco's cock and thighs, Draco cried out, "Fuck, Harry!..." flinging his head back and bucking his hips up to meet each blow.

Harry could only continue for a few minutes before his own desire got the better of him. He flung the whip down and drew his wand, shouting, "Deliqueso Sedes!"

The chair vanished beneath Draco and he dropped to the floor, hands still bound tightly behind him. "Get up on your knees," Harry demanded breathlessly as he tore open the fly of his jeans. Draco had just struggled up when Harry crossed over to him and grabbed a fistful of his hair. He thrust his cock against Draco's mouth, "Come on, pretty boy...suck it."

Draco began sucking and licking with desperate enthusiasm, groaning from deep in his chest. Harry held Draco's head and shoved his cock to the back of his throat, gagging him slightly, but not relenting. Draco struggled at first, but took several deep breaths through his nose until he got control of his gag reflex. His cock was aching and wet and his whole body trembled with need. He started flicking his tongue around the erection filling his mouth.

"Ohhh....*god*..." groaned Harry, squeezing at the hair in his hand, forcing Draco's head to move the way he wanted. "You're such a good boy..." He reached down to stroke Draco's face.

Draco swirled his tongue and worked his lips as Harry thrust repeatedly into his mouth, building up a steady rhythm. Harry's breathing was ragged and it was getting hard for him to remain standing as the submissive blond swallowed his cock. He felt a familiar pull at the base of his spine and knew he was close to coming. He tugged at Draco's hair, and pushed on his face, forcing him off.

Draco whined in frustration, and Harry said, "Don't fret, boy, you're gonna get it back." Then he gave the blond a hard shove that sent him sprawling on his back. Harry pounced on him, reaching around to yank the ties from his wrists, "Put your hands over your head and keep them there," he gasped. He picked up his wand and uttered a lubrication spell, then he pulled Draco's pants from around his ankles and crawled between his legs, pressing the head of his cock against Draco's hole. "You want that back now?" he taunted.

"Oh fuck yes, Harry, come *on*!" cried Draco, squirming beneath him.

Harry scowled, "Is that the way you should be talking to me....?"

Draco squealed in frustration and snorted, "Oh fuck....Please *Sir*, please give me your bloody fucking cock before I expire from sheer h-"

Harry smacked him across the face, while still massaging Draco's ass with his cock. "You've got a real attitude problem, boy. Try it again."

Draco moaned and arched up against Harry, "Please Sir...please fuck me...Make me yours."

"Mmm..." purred Harry as he drove his cock steadily up Draco's ass, "You're already mine. You always have been. Why else would you be groveling on the floor for my cock after just an hour of playing bondage games?"

Draco gasped as Harry pressed into him, stretching him just to the point of perfect pain. Intense heat spread through his entire body and Harry's seductive voice hummed in his ear. All he could think about was Harry's cock in his ass and the strong hands holding him down. 

Harry's breath was ragged and it was all he could do to maintain control as he started thrusting into Draco, pressing him into the dusty floor. It was incredible, better than any sex he'd had before. Draco's response to him was more than he'd ever dreamed. He had one hand pinning Draco's hands down and the other was hooked under his chin, holding his head back and bruising his throat. Harry bent down and bit Draco's neck as he fucked him, leaving soft teeth marks. Draco cried out, writhing beneath Harry and mumbling incoherently. He was *beyond* control.

Harry licked his ear, kissing it and whispering, "I want you to come for me, Draco..."


"Come on, boy...." said Harry, driving into him over and over. He shifted his fingers, releasing one of Draco's hands. "Let me see you stroke yourself for me..."

Draco grabbed his cock and started fisting it furiously, bucking against Harry. He came almost immediately, panting and crying out loudly. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...oh Harry, please fuck me hard." He wrapped his legs around Harry trying to pull him deeper.

Harry was consumed with lust as he watched this performance, and looked down at the creamy drops now flecking Draco's stomach. His own climax welled up inside him, and he pounded into Draco, exploding with a low growl. He rode it as long as he possibly could, slowing down gradually, until he simply lay on Draco's body, panting against his neck.

He listened as Draco's breathing calmed, and then he got up, casting a quick cleaning spell over them and buttoning his jeans. "On your knees, Draco," he commanded, walking slowly around him. 

Draco looked at him, brows knitted in confusion, but got up to his knees as he was told. Surely they were done...there was no way he could keep going, and it was getting late. Harry raked his fingers through Draco's hair and circled him again. "You were very *very* good, Draco...."

Draco blushed and mumbled, "Thank you, Sir." Ok...so he'd keep playing along. He wanted to know what else Harry had in store.

Harry raised his wand and drew a circle in the air, around and around, saying "Circino Manum Inicere." A thin band of leather appeared and resolved itself into...a collar. Draco shivered with anticipation. Just the sight of it turned him on. Harry plucked it out of the air and slid it around Draco's neck, pulling it tight for effect, and then loosening it to a comfortable fit as he fastened it on. Draco moaned and leaned into Harry's touch, unbearably excited by the implication.

Harry grinned and petted him. "You're mine, and this will make sure you never forget. Because Draco.....we're *not* switching back."