Here, of course, is the obligatory page of links by which I seek to lead you further down the path of debauchery and ruin.  Enjoy....


First and foremost must certainly come the slash.......(everything else is gravy)


Notes From the Underground.  The largest, best, and prettiest of all the Tour of Duty archives.


Tour of Duty Journals - Stories by the lovely and uber-talented DC, and Doc.


Fan Fic spanning some 25-odd fandoms by Creed Cascade, TJ, Echo and few other guest writers.


hey there

Happy Friend Box.  BrooklineGirl's Slash Fic and Recs.  Tour of Duty, Due South, A-Team, Starsky and Hutch, Sentinel....and a lot of other weird and wonderful stuff.


A class act with a hot looking site and some great fics - Harry Potter for me... Sentinel, Star Wars and some other things for others.


Need I say more?  All the Harry Potter fic you could ever want, and then some.


A veritable Honeyduke's for Snape lovers.


The Thestral's Roost

Harry Potter fanfic of mouthwatering quality.


the bottom!draco emporium

More Slytherin lust for those inclined, plus art and good links.


Some hella good long fics here that had me captured for days, and another one with great links.


Dblnut's Fanfic Index

I'm a fair shake from my Star Trek roots, but J.Juls totally rocks and so does her site that caters entirely to Data-whores like me.


The A-Slash Archives - all the A-Team fan fic you could ever want.  *drools*


Of course....if you did want more, you can always go wallow here...


Here's my shinest new fandom - The SENTINEL - which I really love, and this is some of the best I've found yet.


And if all those other links didn't do it for ya....this place has all you'll ever need (and several things you didn't wanna know about)




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