Just a few little tidbits from my very earliest days of fandom writing.


They aren't all that great, they are certainly Mary Sue's, and they aren't for the best fandoms.  But I think they deserve to be here, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my very first fanfic...


The rest is utter dreck.  Seriously.



           - Independence Day [Adult] {Okun/f}.  Yeah...that's right, my very first fanfic was for fuckin' ID4!!  Because I have a geek complex and Brakish Okun was hittin' it HARD.  I bought the special edition DVD the same day I bought my DVD PLAYER...just for the bonus scenes with him in them.  Still - I have very fond memories of writing this story, and it even got some good feedback in its day.


     - Out to Sea [Adult] {Godwyn/f}.  You read it right.  "Out to Sea" fanfic....Pornographic, Out to Sea fanfic.  Mary Sue too.  And kink.