How in the world I managed as long as I did without the Sentinel fandom, I'll never know.  But thanks to some talented songvidders, and some very dedicated fans, I have fallen as hard for these guys as I have for any of the boys I adore.



- [Jim/Blair] [Hard R] Written for LJ's TS_Secret_Santa exchange 2007.  The request was for a story in which Jim and Blair get caught by Simon, and it's not glossed over with "Oh, ha, we all knew anyway"


- [Jim/Blair] [Adult] sara_merry99 feels that there's just not enough wall sex in the world, so she issued a small challenge to encourage more of the stuff. She also thought it might make a lovely exercise to help me break through the very frustrating four month bout of writer's block I've been having. Hence the title.


    - [Jim/Blair] [Adult] First time fic.  M/M. Written for LJ's TS_Secret_Santa exchange 2006.  A kind of a post TSbBS fic, in which Blair spends a little time dealing with what his life has become, and takes Jim with him.  (Not holiday themed).  Includes stunning cover art by Sara Merry!  




  - [Jim/Blair] [Adult] Humor.  The guys develop a whole new way to figure out who's getting the next beer...   


  - [Jim/Blair] [Adult]  First time fic.  M/M.  Blair thinks Jim needs a few lessons in spontaneity and dares Jim to go on a road trip with him.



  - [Jim/Blair] [Adult] Another first time fic.  This one involves botched birthday celebrations, in honor of Creed Cascade's birthday!


  - [Jim/Blair] [Adult] This one is a sequel to "Explain To Me" and was written in honor of Majorbrat's birthday!




Screen caps for header are thanks to Starfox and Rhianne (Tho, I confess I've lost track of which ones came from where...)(It's all the pretty - it clouded my mind)