My first ever drabble - born of writer's block. 



 Disclaimer: Paramount owns them not me. 


Dear John

by SassyInkPen ( 12/6/2001 


 Reg sighed, tossing the paper on the table. 

"What is that?" asked Data.

 "It's a Dear John letter from Janeen." 

"Are you supposed to give it to John?" 

"No, Data, she gave it to me-" 

"But you are not John. Perhaps she made a mistake." 

"Data, a Dear John letter is a way of telling someone you don't want to see them anymore."

 "Oh. Then that would seem fortunate, since she does not seem to know who you are." 

Reg considered this and brightened up. "You're right, Data, I don't think she did know who I really am." 

"Her loss."