One of the very first fandoms I ever wrote in, but I'm still rather proud of these stories.

I hope you enjoy them.


    - [NC-17]  Barclay/Frank Hollander (Data).  This takes place after the episode "A Fist Full of Datas" when, presumably, someone finally needs to *fix* the holodeck.....


      - [G] Data/Barclay.  My first ever drabble and it won an award....a three-way tie for second place of the most obscure category there was.  *grin*  The award links you to the winners page if you want to scroll ALL the way to the bottom and see me in all my "glory".


- [R]   Humor.  This was written for the ASCEM Candy Challenge - wherein you had to write a story involving characters made of candy in some fashion or another.