Title: Goldman and the 3-Day Pass
Author: SassyInkPen (7/2002)
Fandom: Tour of Duty
Pairing: Goldman/Zeke
Rating: NC-17
Part: 1/1
Archive: Yes, please.

Warnings: M/M sex, language, unsanctioned use of fairy tales.

Summary: Fairy Tale Challenge response - here's a TOD version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Disclaimer: The characters and Tour of Duty belong to Zev Braun Productions and New Line. No money was made from this story. No copyright infringement intended - just a true appreciation of a fine set-up.

Goldman and the 3-Day Pass
By SassyInkPen


Once upon a time there was a young lieutenant named Goldman, who smoked too much and drank too much. But, he could be forgiven for these faults because he was forced to spend too much time fighting a senseless war. He was a brave man and worked hard to protect his men; and, because he was good at what he did, his superior officers decided to give him a reward.

Goldman took his 3-day pass and a jeep and went into town, curious to see what he could find. He was hoping to relax and have some fun. He found a cheap hotel and booked a room for two nights. He trudged heavily up the stairs and unlocked the door, peering inside warily. There was a bed and a chair and a small table with a lamp. Goldman went in and dropped onto the bed.

After some much needed sleep, Goldman decided to get cleaned up and go out to see what he could see. He stripped off his clothes and turned on the shower. He stepped under the water, and immediately yelped...it was too cold. He fiddled with the knobs, and then...swore and jumped around. It was too hot. He fiddled with the knobs some more and finally...it was just right. And he was able to shower.


Goldman walked down the street of the town looking for somewhere to eat dinner, and maybe a friend to eat it with. He also wanted a friend to take back to his hotel.

Eventually, he saw Alex, the reporter. Goldman liked Alex and thought she was pretty. He asked her if she would like to have dinner with him, but she was too busy. 

"Reporters have a very important job," she said.

He tried to kiss her, but she was too hard...and too cold. She turned and left him standing in the street. Goldman was hurt and angry. He called down the street after her, "TART!!"

He decided to skip dinner and get something to drink.


In the bar, Goldman ordered a glass of whiskey. He drank it down, but coughed and sputtered...it was too rough. He ordered another whiskey and drank that, then looked at the empty glass...it went down too quick. He ordered a third glass and had to sip it carefully, since he couldn't focus too well anymore...that was just right.

He met a pretty Vietnamese girl who spoke almost no English and called him "Joe". He thought maybe he could take her back to his hotel room. He talked with her for a little while, then he tried to kiss her. But, it just didn't do anything for him...she was too soft. And the man watching them from the end of the bar was too scary. So...Goldman left the bar.


Goldman walked sadly down the street, swaying and staggering a bit, wondering where to look next. He turned a corner and met his friend Zeke.

Zeke was also a soldier who was strong and hard working; and he had helped Goldman save many men. He knew of Goldman's bravery and admired him very much. In fact, he admired many things about Goldman.

Goldman was glad to see his friend and smiled, "Hello, Sergeant."

"Hey, L-T," said Zeke, putting a kindly hand on his shoulder, "You sure don't look like a guy on a 3-day pass..."

Goldman told Zeke all about his troubles. He told him of Alex, who was too hard and too cold, and of the Vietnamese girl who was too soft and too scary. He told Zeke about his plans and how he feared that he may have to go back to his hotel room alone. 

"What am I going to do, Zeke?" he asked his friend.

Zeke put his arm around Goldman and smiled broadly. He said, "You just stick with old Zeke, I know how to fix what ails ya."


They went back to Goldman's hotel room and Zeke shut and locked the door behind them. Then he pulled Goldman into his arms and kissed him soundly. Zeke's kiss was soft, but his body was hard, and Goldman realized...that was just right. Goldman found that he was getting hard too.

Goldman's head was spinning from the whiskey as Zeke laid him down on the bed and undressed him. Zeke was gentle and kissed him in all the right places. Then he watched as Zeke stripped off his own clothes and gasped, "My what a big-"

"Wrong story, L-T," Zeke corrected, "We've already done that one."

Zeke climbed on top of him and pressed their bodies together, "Oh yeah, baby...Zeke's gonna take real good care of ya."

Goldman moaned softly and let Zeke do all sorts of wonderful things to him, involving hands, tongue, lips, fingers and even teeth. Before too long, both men were panting and writhing on the bed.

Then Zeke told Goldman to lay on his stomach, while he got some lube out of his pants. Zeke got them both ready and then pressed his large cock into Goldman, pinning him to the bed. Zeke was excited, he'd wanted Goldman for a long time, and he started to fuck him right away.

"Ouch!" gasped Goldman, "That's too fast."

"Sorry, baby, you just got me so hot," said Zeke, kissing his shoulder. He became much more gentle, taking his time and stroking Goldman's skin with his hands.

Goldman had never felt anything like this before. It was better than anything he had ever experienced before, and it wasn't too long until he was on the verge of coming. He was bucking and writhing, pushing against Zeke as he moaned and panted.

"Oh God, Zeke," he groaned, "I just can't get over the edge...that's too slow."

Zeke picked up his pace, and reached around to grab Goldman's cock. Zeke came hard, pumping into the young lieutenant. Soon Goldman was wailing and 
gasping, as a wild orgasm ripped through him.

"Oohhhh, Zeke...That's just right," he sighed.

A strong sense of calm washed over him and combined with the whiskey to make Goldman very drowsy, so he curled up in Zeke's arms and went to sleep.


The next morning Goldman woke up with a headache and a very dry mouth. He looked around blearily and tried to remember how he'd gotten back to the hotel. He noticed the messy bed and the rumpled pillow next to him and thought, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed."

He saw the clothes on the floor and thought, "Someone's been undressing in my room."

He heard noises coming from the bathroom and thought, "Someone's been using my shower...and they're still there!"

The noises stopped and Zeke came out of the bathroom, wet and wrapped in a towel. Smiling. "Mornin' sunshine!"

Goldman stared at him for a few minutes as memories from the night before flooded his mind...and smiled back. "Good morning, Zeke."

Zeke dropped the towel and climbed into bed with Goldman, and they lived happily ever after.

For two more days.

The End