Title: *NOT* The Boy Next Door
Author: SassyInkPen
Fandom: Tour of Duty
Pairing: Goldman/McKay
Rating: NC-17
Part: 1/1
Archive: Yes, please.

Warnings: M/M sex, Non/Con, This isn't your usual charming chopper pilot

Summary: An experiment with the more edgy McKay we 
saw when he first joined the show.

Disclaimer: The characters and Tour of Duty belong to Zev Braun Productions and New Line. No money was made from this story. No copyright infringement intended.

Note: I first saw Johnny in the third season. When I finally saw the first few episodes with him, I was surprised to see how harsh and edgy he was - not as nice as I was used to...so I just *had* to play with that.

*NOT* The Boy Next Door
By SassyInkPen


John J. McKay was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and when Myron Goldman came knocking at his door asking for a drink and feeling apologetic...he knew that horse was smiling on him. He couldn't have asked for a better opportunity if he'd set it up himself.

He had wanted Goldman since he'd first laid eyes on him. That lithe body, those dark, moody eyes...not to mention the spitfire attitude that posed a challenge Johnny just couldn't resist. All these things had stirred up a tremendous desire in Johnny. And what Johnny wanted...Johnny got. It didn't matter that Goldman was straight, there were ways around that.

He poured more Cognac into Goldman's glass and raised his own, encouraging Goldman to drink up. Johnny put the glass to his lips, but did not actually drink from it. Instead, he watched Goldman with a calculating gaze. Goldman had his usual indignant expression and an air of repressed frustration about him, as he sipped the liquor.

Johnny was getting hot with anticipation. He felt a stirring in his groin and forced his thoughts back to the task ahead of him. It wouldn't do to tip his hand too soon, that would ruin everything. He suppressed a wicked grin.

They'd been discussing what happened with Martsen and the subject of survival. Johnny kept up his end of the conversation fairly well, considering that he paid little attention to what was being said. Just enough to be believable.

He was more concerned with keeping Goldman's glass full and getting him to drink, all the while fantasizing about what he'd do to him later. It was somewhat easier than he'd expected, but then he'd already noticed that Goldman was a heavy drinker and figured that would be his most likely plan of attack.

Goldman was carrying on about the Army's responsibility to it's men, and started pacing the floor. Johnny grinned satisfactorily as he noticed Goldman starting to slur his words. "Here Goldman, let me fill that up for ya," he said, catching Goldman's arm and pouring more liquor into the glass.

"Oh...no...really," said Goldman swaying slightly, "I think I've already had more'n enuff."

"That's OK, old buddy, when do we get the chance to talk like this?"

"Sincce when am I your *old buddy*?" Goldman eyed him for a moment, but then lost focus and looked away, blinking several times.

"I'm just sayin' that if we're gonna work together, we should get along." Johnny smiled winningly and clapped a hand on Goldman's shoulder, causing him to take a few unsteady steps sideways. Johnny's eyes glinted devilishly as he watched.

Goldman grasped the desk for support and looked, bleary eyed, at Johnny, "I really think I need to go. As it is, I'm gonna have a tough time gettin' back to my hoots...hooth...*hootch*." He grinned sheepishly.

"Tell ya what," Johnny said smoothly, looking into Goldman's eyes and judging him to be thoroughly drunk, pleased with his work, "why don't I walk over there with you, just in case."

"Oh, I don't think-"

"Not a problem, Goldman, what are friends for?" he grinned, pulling on some pants. He pointed to Goldman's glass, "Finish that, though. It's bad luck if you don't."

Johnny smiled as Goldman looked in his glass with an expression of mild surprise, then tipped it back and drained it in two quick gulps. Then he rummaged around in the drawer of a small table and slipped something into his pocket.

He led Goldman outside, helping him stumble down the steps, and grinned lecherously when Goldman grabbed him for support. Johnny steered the weaving solider down the row of buildings and around the corner to Goldman's hootch. Goldman was starting to sag by this time and Johnny had to half drag him up the steps and inside.

He propped Goldman up against the dresser and pulled off his web gear. As he turned to set it on the floor, Goldman stumbled over and sat down heavily on the bunk. Goldman reached down for his boot laces, missing twice, before finally grabbing hold and pulling them into a big knot. "Ssshit..." he muttered.

Johnny chuckled and knelt on the floor in front of him, "Let me help you with that." He untangled the laces and got Goldman's boots off. Then he reached up and started to unbutton Goldman's shirt.

Goldman dropped his head forward to look at Johnny's hands, "What're you doin'?" he asked thickly.

"I think you're a little too drunk to get yourself to bed, Goldman." He peeled Goldman's shirt off, sighing at the sight of that beautiful body exposed in front of him. He felt his blood run hot. The time had finally come to have what he'd been lusting after for so long.

He placed a hand on Goldman's bare chest, pushing until he flopped back on the bunk. Goldman raised his head and protested slightly as Johnny began to unbutton his pants. He tried to sit up , but Johnny pushed him back, "Come on, Goldman, It's too hot to sleep in your pants." He tugged Goldman's pants down over his hips and slid them off slowly, allowing himself the pleasure of trailing his fingertips lightly down Goldman's legs as he did so. It was getting much harder to control himself, and he had to remember that everything needed to be ready before he gave himself away. 

He stood up and swung Goldman's legs onto the bunk, smacking him lightly on the ass, "In to bed, Goldman."

Goldman mumbled something unintelligible and squirmed around awkwardly until he was lying the right way, eyes closed, but not yet asleep. Perfect. Johnny took a moment to admire the object of his lust, sprawled out for the taking and barely conscious enough to even realize what was going on.

Johnny very quietly slipped off his own pants and shorts, draping them carefully across the end of the bed. Then he pulled off Goldman's boxers as quickly as he could. Goldman stirred, muttering, "Sss'not *that* hot..."

"Oh, Goldman...but it's gonna be..." said Johnny, climbing on the bunk and straddling Goldman's legs.

"Wha...? M'KKay!..." Goldman tried to sit up, but Johnny grabbed his shoulders and pinned him to the bed with little effort.

Johnny stretched out on top of Goldman, groaning softly as he finally claimed his prize. Goldman's body was as warm and as sweet as he'd thought it would be. He pressed his mouth to Goldman's, thrusting his tongue deep inside, kissing him hard. He moaned hungrily as he got his first taste of Goldman.

Goldman shook his head, finally breaking free. "Geddoff me..." he slurred, shoving weakly at Johnny, "...ssstop it."

"Stop? No way, Goldman, I'm just gettin' started. I've wanted you for a long time." He hooked a finger around Goldman's chin and pulled his face around for another rough kiss.

Goldman tried pushing him away again, twisting his head, and muttered, "I'm warning you..."

Johnny just laughed. "Oh, what are you gonna do, Goldman?" he taunted, "You're too drunk to fight me, I made sure of that. And you're not gonna tell anybody 'cause you know your career would never survive it." Johnny brushed his lips against Goldman's cheek and lowered his voice to just above a whisper, "Besides, what would your Daddy say if he knew you got drunk and let another guy fuck you?"

Goldman blinked at him in disbelief.

"That's right," Johnny whispered, running his hand down Goldman's side and rubbing his cock against him.

"No..." Goldman struggled ineffectually, groaning helplessly as Johnny pushed his tongue into his mouth again.

Johnny sighed heavily as he kissed Goldman, moving from his lips to his neck, nipping him from time to time. He leaned close to Goldman's ear, whispering, "You are so fuckin' hot, Goldman. I'm really gonna enjoy this."

Johnny sat up on his knees and caressed Goldman's chest, rubbing his hands all across his skin, reaching up to his shoulders and down over his stomach. He smiled as Goldman tried to grab his wrists in another drunken attempt to resist, and simply knocked them away. Then he reached down and fondled Goldman's soft cock and balls, wishing he could coax him to arousal. He would love to see Goldman with a hard-on. His own erection throbbed as he pictured it. Goldman gasped and tried to sit up, but Johnny just planted a hand on his chest and pushed him down, leaning on him while he amused himself. He was in no big hurry.

He held Goldman there while he reached around for his pants, shaking them out until he could get at the pocket. He pulled out a small tube and turned back to Goldman, whose head was lolling off to the side. He wedged one knee and then the other between Goldman's legs and forced them apart.

Johnny squeezed a little gel onto his fingers and stroked them across Goldman's opening, rubbing firmly. He watched intently and licked his lips, as he carefully slipped one finger inside. Goldman groaned, but didn't tense up much...another benefit of getting him drunk. He worked it in and out several times, playing with him and loving every minute of it. He withdrew and pushed two fingers in, panting with desire as he felt how hot and smooth Goldman was.

Goldman groaned and hitched up his legs, "Ssstop it..." he slurred, trying to push Johnny away but missing. 

"You just gotta relax, Goldman. You never know, you might even like it. I've been told I'm very good." He continued to finger Goldman, letting his anticipation build up as long as he could before he finally gave in to the demands of his aching hard-on.

Johnny smeared a generous amount of lube on his cock, sighing as the cool gel covered him. He positioned the head of his cock against Goldman, and then used both hands to hold him down as he pushed slowly into him, pausing every now and again, until he could ease forward more. 

Goldman started bucking and wincing in pain, groaning each time Johnny went deeper. "Please..." he gasped, clutching the blankets and tossing his head from side to side.

"Take it easy, Goldman..." Johnny said soothingly. When he'd worked himself all the way in, he stopped and sat back to admire the view of himself buried in Goldman's ass. He stroked Goldman's chest and thighs with long smooth strokes, as Goldman lay there panting, eyes squeezed shut. Goldman looked absolutely beautiful with the tension etched on his face and his lip trembling, breathing raggedly and whimpering at the back of his throat.

"There..." Johnny cooed seductively, "that's not so bad. You're very hot and tight, you know. I was sure you'd be good and I was right. I'll bet you never thought of that before, have you? That you'd be such a good lay for another guy, but, oh...baby, you are."

Goldman started to struggle again, so Johnny lay down on top of him, catching his wrists and pinning them down. He began fucking Goldman leisurely, savoring the incredible sensations and the rich heat as he pushed deep inside Goldman, again and again. "That's my cock buried in you, Goldman...like that?" he said.

Goldman thrashed and moaned, tossing his head, "Ahhh, fuck...no."

Johnny leaned close and licked Goldman's ear before whispering, "I told you to relax. It'll go a lot easier, I promise. I don't wanna hurt you if I don't have to, baby, but I do plan on takin' my time." He smiled, swirling his tongue around Goldman's ear and sucking on his earlobe.

He continued fucking Goldman, riding him slowly and utterly enjoying himself. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure rushing through him, just as each moan, whimper, and drunken struggle from Goldman gave him a gratifying sense of power. The combination of sex and control was almost more than he could handle, and he quickened his pace as he satisfied this craving he'd had for so long.

Goldman cried out, straining against the increased motion, and Johnny captured his mouth in a deep kiss, muffling his protests. He thrust his tongue into Goldman's mouth, devouring him as he fucked him.

Johnny could feel his climax building up in him and moaned at the intensity of it. He released Goldman's mouth and whispered harshly in his ear, "Fuck, Goldman, you're gonna make me come. Ever think you'd do that, baby? Make me come?"

He groaned as his orgasm tore through him, and pumped into Goldman, satisfying himself completely before finally slowing down. Goldman was panting and making barely audible noises as Johnny pulled out of him. He winced when Johnny slipped out and then pulled his knees together, resting his feet on the bed. He lay there sucking air in long ragged breaths.

Johnny put his pants back on and sat down on the bunk next to Goldman, smoothing a hand over his hair and bending to kiss him softly, "It's OK, baby, just relax. Go to sleep now." He continued stroking Goldman's head until he calmed down, then he leaned very close and whispered, "It was all just a bad dream."

~The End~