Title: Smoking in the Shower
Author: SassyInkPen
Fandom: Tour of Duty
Pairing: Goldman/McKay
Rating: NC-17
Part: 1/1
Summary: PWP. Cascading water and oral fixations.

Inspired by Creed. Can I quote you on this?
"Saw the Myron/Johnny shower scene with Myron smoking in the shower. Who in the hell smokes in the shower??? Now, taking a Freudian analysis... can we say ORAL FIXATION?! And I won't even TOUCH the symbolism there? Creed"

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the show, Tour of Duty. I just tamper with them.

Smoking in the Shower


Goldman stood, one arm hanging from the water pipe, letting the water pour down over his tired back. He took a long draw from the cigarette he held in his mouth, savoring the sweet smoke and the warm rush he got from it...liked it so much he took another. He was trying desperately to ignore McKay, who was carrying on like he had all the answers tucked in his hip pocket. If he had pockets. Which he didn't. Another thing Goldman was trying to ignore.

"...You looked PO'ed at the universe. Figured it was because Alex wasn't there to welcome you back," McKay was saying.

"That's what you figured, huh?" Goldman didn't bother to look at McKay, he just rubbed his neck and smirked. If the dumb fuck had any idea how far off base he was. He didn't have the sense God gave a donkey.

Goldman yanked his towel off the wall and scrubbed irritably at his head. He wanted McKay to shut up about Alex and what a class act he thought she was. He was sick to death of hearing about her. And he *hated* hearing what McKay thought of her.

He turned back to McKay. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop his eyes from wandering any longer. He groaned inwardly as his gaze traveled down McKay's wet body. *God*, he was so fucking clueless. Goldman was tired of fighting and pretending...and it just pissed him off.

"...Goldman? Are you even listening to me?"

Goldman blinked back to McKay's face as McKay cocked his head to reinforce the question. He looked at McKay and felt something click over in his brain. He *was* damn tired of fighting...


"I think you need some sleep, Goldman." McKay looked uncertainly at him, trying to place the look on his face. He was unreadable, but something had clearly changed. Goldman's cigarette hung loosely from his mouth, though he continued to smoke it. He was no longer drying himself off, the towel in his hands apparently forgotten. He just stood there a moment, dark eyes boring into McKay, making him feel nervous and expectant at the same time.

McKay caught a slight shift in those eyes and before he had time to even consider it's meaning, Goldman flung the towel over the wall and tossed his cigarette into the water swirling at their feet.

McKay's blood went ice cold when Goldman suddenly dropped to his knees right there and crawled the two paces between them. He slid his hands quickly up McKay's thighs and brought his mouth down over McKay's cock, closing his lips around it and beginning to suck. McKay gasped and looked hastily at the camp around him, busy and bustling, as intense heat from Goldman's mouth was spreading through his body, making him hard despite the circumstances.

"SHIT," he looked down, "Goldman, what the *fuck* are you doin'?! Someone's gonna notice this..."

"Yeah. If you don't shut up about it," gasped Goldman clamping a hand over his balls. "Take your shower..." Goldman took McKay's cock back into his mouth, sucking and licking for all he was worth, as he gripped McKay's leg.

McKay gaped at him and glanced around. The walls were certainly tall enough to hide Goldman from anyone looking that way. Nobody appeared to be heading for the showers, thank god. But there were guys everywhere...

McKay shuddered as a chill shot down his spine. He realized it was the same chill he felt each time he lifted off the ground and took off in a Huey. Oh god...he squeezed his eyes shut as Goldman devoured him brutally, obviously lost in whatever he was getting from this.

Goldman sucked him hard and fast, and within minutes McKay could feel the tightening at the base of his spine, and sparks shooting through his limbs. He curled his hand around the back of Goldman's neck, hoping that if anyone saw the expression on his face, they would assume he was jerking off.

Goldman's body twisted gracefully when McKay touched him and he began sucking in earnest, moaning quietly at the back of his throat. McKay bit his lip and hissed as he came over Goldman's tongue, clutching his neck and pulling him hard onto his cock. Goldman's fingers dug painfully into his thigh. "*Fuck*...Goldman...." he ground out under his breath. 

He was still feeling the tremors as Goldman got up and reached for the shirt that hung with his towel. McKay just stared at him as Goldman fished out a cigarette and lit it, taking several long drags from it before gathering his stuff and moving to go past McKay.

McKay blocked his path. "You wanna tell me what the fuck that was all about?" he whispered harshly.

Goldman eyed him and spoke softly, the cigarette still in his mouth...smoke escaping with his breath, "It's a Freudian thing. I wouldn't expect you to understand." Then he pushed past McKay and headed across the camp.

McKay watched him for a moment...then grabbed his things and took off after him.