Title: The Sweetest thing
Author: SassyInkPen (7-10/2002)
Fandom: Tour of Duty
Pairing: McKay/Griner
Rating: NC-17
Archive: Yes, please.

Warnings: M/M sex

Summary: This story is inspired by - and is a sequel to - the 
McKay/Griner story line from the Anniversary Round Robin. It's also 
inspired by witchbaby, who said she's "All about true love"

Disclaimer: The characters and Tour of Duty belong to Zev Braun 
Productions and New Line. No money was made from this story. No 
copyright infringement intended.

The Sweetest Thing
By SassyInkPen


"Griner...I swear you are the sweetest fuck I have *ever* had," 
groaned McKay as he thrust fiercely up into Griner, holding Griner 
securely in his lap as he reached around to grasp Griner's stiff 
cock. He jerked him off until he came, crying out loudly and 
shooting a white arc across the bed.

McKay gasped as Griner's body clenched around his cock. He wrapped 
his arms tightly around Griner as he emptied himself deep inside him, 
moaning into his shoulder.

Johnny's eyes snapped open and he lay on the bed panting and hot. He 
did a quick mental inventory and realized his hand was wrapped around 
his own cock and his stomach was spotted with cum. He closed his 
eyes and let images from the dream flood his mind, hoping to fall 
back into it.

After several long minutes of fantasizing, McKay finally sighed and 
looked at the clock. 5:15. May as well get up. He plodded into the 
bathroom of his tiny apartment and turned on the shower, his thoughts 
still consumed by the dream.

He'd been having them more and more frequently over the past couple 
of months. Sometimes, the dreams were of the botched raid on the 
prison camp, but more often they were variations of the night he'd 
spent with Griner. He smiled to himself as he stepped under the 
water, letting it pour down over his head. That night was still the 
hottest sex he'd ever had. Griner's enthusiasm was intoxicating. 
Afterwards they talked for a long time...about home, hopes and 
dreams...all that stuff. Johnny had been working on plans to get 
Griner alone again when they were both wounded and sent home.

Since then he'd either been in the hospital or bouncing around trying 
to find a job. He finally sunk to his personal low point...flying 
traffic reports.

Not anymore. He ditched that job yesterday. It was time to start 
thinking about what he really wanted out of life.

He toweled himself dry and stared at his face in the mirror...and 
sighed. So, what in the hell *did* he want?


Johnny pulled into the parking lot of a truck stop diner, one of the 
few places open at six in the morning. He dropped a quarter in the 
newsstand box outside and pulled out a paper. He was going to need 
some kind of job to pay the bills. He went inside, sat down at a 
booth and opened the paper to the want ads.

An attractive waitress hurried over with a pot of coffee and smiled 
at him as she filled his cup. "Good Mornin' What can I git ya?" She 
had a pretty southern drawl that immediately reminded him of 
Griner. "We've got the Early Bird Special - two eggs, hashbrowns, 
bacon and toast."

"Sounds good," nodded Johnny.

"How d'ya like yer eggs?" she asked while looking him over 

He grinned charmingly, "Over easy."

She blushed lightly and beamed at him, "Comin' right up." Johnny 
chuckled as he watched her hustle away.

He sipped his coffee and started to scan the want ads, but gave up 
quickly. His heart just wasn't in it, he felt too restless. Finally 
he sat back and looked around. A rack by the door caught his eye and 
he got up to go look at it. It was filled with highway maps and road 
atlases. He mused over them for several minutes, and an idea began 
to form in his head. Did he dare? The rush that he got just 
thinking about it, made up his mind. He grabbed one titled 'Eastern 
United States Road Atlas' and paid for it at the counter, then went 
back to his booth and hastily folded up the newspaper, tossing it on 
the bench across from him.

He flipped open the atlas, thumbing through it until he found the 
page for North Carolina, and began to study it intently.

The waitress brought his breakfast and he smiled at her absently as 
she set the plate on the table. He stuffed a piece of bacon in his 
mouth and continued his search. He grinned excitedly when he found 
what he was looking for. Old Fort, North Carolina. Griner's home 
town. A thrill shot through him as he thought of seeing Will again. 
He hadn't fully realized, until that moment, just how much he missed 

Johnny turned to the front of the book where there was a map of the 
eastern half of the country. He measured the distance between 
Indianapolis and Old Fort to be about 490 miles. Probably an eight 
or nine hour drive. Eight if he pushed it. That was doable. He 
wolfed down his breakfast while he laid out his route, making notes 
on the inside cover of the atlas.

Within fifteen minutes he had planned his whole trip and cleaned his 
plate. He took one last gulp of coffee, scooped up the atlas and his 
paper, and dropped enough money on the table to cover his bill and a 
generous tip.

By seven a.m. he had some clothes in a duffel bag and was pulling 
onto I-65 out of Indianapolis, heading south.


Johnny turned the corner into Old Fort and pulled up outside the 
General Store. He climbed out of the car and stretched his legs, 
looking around with interest. The place was hardly more than a 
crossroads with a few shops, a cafe and a big park. A few houses 
were scattered around...the perfect picture of small town America. 
He glanced at his watch. 3:30. He'd made good time. He went into 
the store to ask directions to the Griner place and bought a six-pack 
of beer, which he stashed in the back seat.

Johnny's stomach was in knots as he drove up the curving sandy road 
and parked by the fence. Looking up at the small red house, he 
considered, for the first time, that Will might not be as excited to 
see him as he was to see Will. He forced the thought from his mind 
as he walked up to the house.

Johnny pulled the screen door open enough so he could reach in and 
rap on the front door, then stepped back and waited. After a few 
minutes a small, white-haired woman opened the door. "Can I help 
you?" she drawled.

Johnny nodded at her. She was pleasant looking but serious. "Good 
afternoon, ma'am, My name is John McKay. I'm a friend of 
William's. We served in Vietnam together."

She brightened up a little, "Well, land sakes..."

"I was driving through, near here, and thought I'd stop and see how 
he was doin'" Johnny gave her his best winning smile, "I'm sorry I 
didn't call first. I...ah, I didn't know the number."

"That's quite all right," she said pushing open the screen 
door. "Come on in. I'm sure William will be delighted to see you."

Johnny stepped inside and found himself in the kitchen. He could see 
the living room through a wide archway at the back. He inspected the 
surroundings with interest. Most of the furnishings were old or 
faded, heavily worn, but everything was neat and tidy. The rich 
smell of roasting meat filled the house. So...this was where Will 
grew up. Johnny could picture him eating dinner at the round kitchen 
table or doing homework on the faded living room rug. He smiled to 
himself, amused by how fascinating he found it all.

Mrs. Griner was giving him the once over, then said, "William's gone 
for a walk by the creek. I tried to talk him into staying 'til his 
father got home, but he was bound and determined to do it himself." 
She shook her head, "That boy has always been stubborn as a mule."

Johnny chuckled and watched as she fussed over the pots on the stove 
and peeked in the oven. The scent of fresh baked bread mingled with 
the other cooking smells. Johnny breathed heavily and sighed.

She looked up at him, "You'll stay to dinner, I hope." It was more 
of a direction than a question, and Johnny decided he liked this 

"I'd love to," he smiled. "I haven't had a really good home cooked 
meal in a while."

"Good," she said firmly. "Now, if you want to go find William, I'll 
point out the path to the creek." She led him back through the front 
door and stood on the little porch, pointing. "The path starts by 
that big pine tree past the garage. It's easy enough to follow. 
Mind your step, though, I don't want the Ladyslippers trampled."

"Yes ma'am, thank you," said Johnny, and started for the path.

Mrs. Griner raised her voice, "Supper's at six. You'd best be back 
by five thirty, so you can wash up."

Johnny turned, "Yes, ma'am." He grinned as she turned and went back 
in the house. He stopped at the car and grabbed a couple bottles of 
beer and headed down the drive to the path.


Will sat in the grass hugging his dog, Jack, and forcing back the few 
tears of regret that were threatening to fall. He didn't allow much 
time for feeling sorry for himself. There was no point in it. He 
wasn't going to let this beat him. He was a hell of a lot better off 
than a lot of guys who were sent home from 'Nam, and he knew it. 
Being *able* to sit in the grass and hug his dog was more than many 
of them would ever get to do.

Suddenly, Jack started barking and broke away from him, running back 
up the hill. Will turned his head to listen, "Is someone 
there?...Daddy?" He turned his head the other way, straining to hear.

Johnny walked down the hill, chiding himself for his high school 
hormone reaction to seeing Will sitting there in jeans and a blue T-
shirt, looking all tousled, and playing with his dog. But, god...he 
was right *there*...and he looked so good. Johnny's stomach flipped 
and his dick surged at the same time.

Will could hear the footsteps now, "Who is that?"

"Hey, Griner, how in the hell are you?"

Will froze, the voice bringing a warm flush to his face. "Lt. McKay?"

"Well, it's just plain old Johnny McKay now...but, yeah." 

A body dropped on the ground next to him and Will grinned, "Good 
lord, what brings you 'round here, Johnny?"

"Well, I have a few days off and I was just driving down to, um...I 
mean..." Johnny took a deep breath, grinning, "I just really wanted 
to come and see you."



Will smiled broadly. He could hardly believe it. He'd spent 
countless hours fantasizing about Johnny, and now he was right here. 
He hoped like hell that Johnny still wanted him the way he once 
did. "I'm glad ya came," he said, "How're you doin'?"

Johnny sighed and pulled out his pocket knife, using it to pry the 
tops off the bottles, "Want a beer?" Will smiled and held out a 
hand. Johnny put a bottle into it, and they both drank 
some. "Well," Johnny started, "Yesterday, I quit the most 
humiliating job of my life."

"What was that?" chuckled Will.

Johnny groaned, "Flying traffic reports."

"Why ain't you doin' some other kind of chopper job?"

"Nobody wants a 'Nam pilot. They're all afraid I'm going to go nuts 
on 'em."

Will smirked, "Well, hell...didn't ya tell 'em you were already nuts?"

"Thank you. Very much. You've got grass in your hair, what've you 
been doin' out here?"

Will turned his face away and took a swig of beer. "I was just 
playin' with the dog and...and...I, ah...Aw, shit...I tripped and 
come down the hill ass over end." He heard Johnny sit up and move 
closer. So close, in fact, that he could smell the slightly spicy 
scent of him. He inhaled deeply and turned back toward Johnny.

"Sorry, Will. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," he sighed. "Jus' takes a little gettin' used to, is 
all." He felt Johnny's hand moving around his head, picking out a 
few pieces of grass, and brushing away the rest. Then Johnny was 
running his fingers through his hair. Will leaned into the touch 
expectantly, his pulse racing as Johnny's lips pressed against his, 
moving slowly. This kiss was different from what he 
remembered...better, sweeter. He reached up to touch Johnny's face, 
remembering what he looked like.

Johnny moaned softly as Will pushed his tongue against his lips, and 
opened his mouth for him. Will slipped an arm around his neck and 
kissed him long and hard. Johnny melted into it, relaxing from a 
deep tension he hadn't even been aware of. Now that he was here, and 
Will still wanted him, things just didn't seem too bad anymore.

He sighed happily, running a hand across Will's chest and up his 
shoulder, and tried to push him down onto his back. He wanted to 
feel Will's whole body pressed beneath him, and was starting to move 
on top of him, when Will started struggling, gently pushing him off. 
Johnny was confused, "What?...What's the matter?"

"We cain't do this out here," Will panted, "There's no way I can get 

Johnny groaned, "Nobody's gonna see us way out here."

"Yeah, they could. I just don't wanna take the chance," said Will, 
shaking his head. "You don't know my folks, John. My momma got the 
preacher out here to pray fer God to heal my blindness. What the 
*hell* do you think they'd do if they found out I was gay?"

Johnny chuckled, "Exorcism?"

"That probably ain't far from the truth," Will said disgustedly, 
flopping onto his back.

Johnny looked longingly at Will's body stretched out in front of 
him. He looked so sexy in his faded jeans, one knee drawn up, the 
other dropped to the side. His T-shirt was riding up, exposing a 
slice of skin above his waistband. Johnny couldn't help himself. He 
reached out and slid his hand along Will's smooth stomach, letting 
his fingers slip under the edge of his jeans. 

"John..." Will breathed as he felt Johnny's hand go deeper down the 
front of his pants. He groaned and arched his hips when Johnny's 
fingers closed around his rapidly hardening cock. "Oh lord, that 
feels good," he gasped. He would have liked to stay there all 
evening, especially when Johnny bent down and started kissing his 
throat. But, the thought of his father coming to look for him 
brought Will back to earth. He was finding it a little hard to catch 
his breath. "Johnny..." he pleaded.

Johnny smiled, "I know...I know...we can't do this here." He 
reluctantly pulled away from Will. "You have no idea how much this 
is killin' me."

"Yes I *do*."

"Anyway, it's just as well," said Johnny, standing up and brushing 
the dust off his pants, "We have to get up to the house. Your mother 
wants us up there by five thirty and it's almost that now."

"She ask ya to stay fer supper?" asked Will, who was on his knees 
feeling around for his cane.

"Yeah. Smells great, too, and I'm starving." Johnny went and got 
the cane from where it was lying a few feet away, wondering how long 
it would have taken Will to find it, had he still been alone.

He walked over and took Will's elbow, helping him to his feet, and 
putting the cane in his hand. "Here ya go," he said, resting his 
hand on the small of Will's back and turning him in the direction of 
the path.

Will shook him off with a few quick jerks. "I don't need no help. 
I'm all right," he muttered.

"Don't be like that," Johnny said gently, "It's just an excuse to get 
my hands on you again."

Will grinned ruefully, "I didn't mean nothin'. I just don't want 
nobody feelin' sorry for me."

"I don't feel sorry for you, Will, I'm impressed as hell. I'd be 
scared shitless if I was in your place." He cupped Will's face and 
kissed him softly on the lips. "We're gonna be late for dinner," he 
said, pulling away.

Will caught him by the elbow, "Lead the way, then."


Dinner was a pleasant, homey affair, during which Mr. Griner asked 
Johnny a lot of questions about his family and his hometown. Mrs. 
Griner asked them both questions about Vietnam and the time that they 
served together. They talked a little bit about the raid on the POW 
camp, and she seemed somewhat gratified to hear that Johnny was there 
when her son got wounded. Johnny suddenly felt a little like Will's 
protector which, he discovered, he liked. 

He ate two platefuls of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, 
corn, and fresh baked rolls, and tried not to spend too much time 
staring at Will.

For his part, Will spent his meal concentrating on where the food was 
on his plate, and hanging on the sound of Johnny's voice.

When everyone finished eating, Johnny helped Mrs. Griner clear the 
table, and then sat down while she dished up peach pie for everyone.

"So, John," she asked, "Where are you headed that brings you down 
this way?"

"To be honest, ma'am, I haven't really decided yet," Johnny lied 
mildly. "I'm sort of on vacation and just decided to head south."

Mr. Griner smiled, "Takin' to the open road, eh? Well, if you don't 
have a place to spend the night, you're welcome to stay with us.

Will brightened up, grinning, "Sure. You can sleep on the old sofa 
upstairs. My room's up there, it'd be fun." 

"I wouldn't want to put you to any more trouble..." Johnny said, not 
wanting to appear too eager.

"It's no trouble a'tall," said Mrs. Griner, bustling plates off the 

"Well, then...thank you very much. I'd enjoy that."

After dinner was cleaned up, Mrs. Griner went to the living room to 
do some needlework and Mr. Griner sat down with the newspaper. 
Johnny turned to Will and said, "It's a nice night, wanna go sit 

"Sure. Why don't you grab a couple beer outta the fridge." 

Johnny patiently followed Will as he led the way to a worn old picnic 
table around the side of the house, and sat down across from him, 
pushing a bottle of beer in front of him. 

Will trailed his fingers across the tabletop until he found it, and 
took a drink. "I sure am glad you came down here, John."

Johnny smiled, "Me too."

"I've been feelin' pretty much on my own since I got back. Ain't 
heard much from the guys, and my old buddies here don't know what to 
make of me. What few of 'em there is. Three guys I was at school 
with are in 'Nam now," he paused, "Another one got killed. Three 
weeks into his tour, too."

"That's a damn shame," said Johnny sympathetically. "Makes me feel 
lucky we got out alive. But, ya know, it makes me wish I was back 
there, too, flyin' in, pickin' up guys. Gettin' 'em out of all that 

"I know what ya mean."

They sat there for a long while trading school stories, tales from 
basic training and comparing their experiences in 'Nam. They 
wondered how the other guys were doing, both the ones who'd gone home 
and those still at war. They even went so far as to count time zones 
and try to guess what their buddies were doing at that moment.

Will felt a sting on his neck and smacked a mosquito. "It must be 
gettin' dark," he said.

"The sun just went down, it's not quite dark yet."

Will sipped his beer, "So what're you gonna do when you get back? 
You're not givin' up flyin' are ya?"

Johnny sighed, "I don't know if I have a choice. At least for now. 
There's a guy in L.A., an old friend of my dad's, who's got a shuttle 
service. Said he'd make a job for me if I was still flyin' clean in 
a year. I think I might take him up on that...only ten months to go."

"What'll you do 'til then?"

"I figured I'd get some kind of basic labor job, warehouse work or 
something. Pay's good and I can just throw myself into it without 
havin' to think too much about it." He took a sip of beer and 
swished at the mosquitoes that were getting thicker. "I've got some 
friends at a couple of the hangars, so I can keep up my air time. 
Then head out to L.A. when my time's up. It's really nice out there."

Will thought about Johnny all the way out there and felt a little 
jealous...of Johnny for having that opportunity, and of L.A. for 
getting Johnny. He shook off the feeling. After all, that was a 
long ways off, and he had no claim on John anyway.

Johnny's voice broke into his thoughts, "What do you think you'll do?"

"Hell, I don't rightly know. Ain't too many jobs for a blind man. 
The lady at the hospital that was teachin' me to get around, told me 
about some of the jobs I could do. Could operate a switchboard if I 
can learn it by touch, which she said people have done. I was pretty 
good in typing class in school. A lot of people do that. The big 
offices use tape recorders now, and ya just type what they say. 
Don't take much to set up a typewriter for a blind guy. You're not 
supposed to look when ya type anyway."

They heard the slam of the screen door and Mrs. Griner came around 
the corner of the house. "Your father and I are goin' to turn in, 
son. I put clean sheets and a blanket on the sofa upstairs, and set 
out a towel and washcloth for ya, John. You just make yourself at 

"Thank you, ma'am, I appreciate it," said Johnny, nodding at her.

"Good night," she said, turning to go back inside. "Don't you boys 
stay up too late, now. I expect you on time for breakfast."

They both grinned as she went. Johnny turned back to Will, "I like 
your folks."

Will smiled, "They're good people. Momma's been learnin' all she 
can 'bout how to live with blindness 'n all. She's taught me a 
lot." He smirked, "Treats me like a little kid worse than ever now, 

"Everybody's mom does that," chuckled Johnny.


When they went back inside, the house was fairly dark except for a 
small lamp left on in the living room. Will quietly led the way to a 
small doorway in the back corner of the living room, and up a steep, 
narrow staircase that opened onto one of the two upstairs rooms. 

Johnny flipped on the light switch he found at the top of the stairs 
and looked around. The whole upstairs was actually one large room, 
probably meant for storage at one time, that had been divided into 
two by a newer wall with a small, plain doorway in the middle. It 
had a low ceiling that was sharply sloped on the sides and one tiny 
window at the far end. Both rooms had large, old, braided rugs on 
the floor.

Will felt his way over to a little desk and turned on the lamp there, 
so Johnny flipped off the overhead, and the room became pleasant and 
cozy. Besides the desk, there was an overstuffed reading chair and a 
sofa, now spread neatly with sheets and a blanket. Johnny set his 
duffel bag on it and walked through to the other room, obviously the 
bedroom, inspecting everything keenly. "This is nice, Will."

"I put the wall in myself, when I was takin' woodshop in high 
school. It ain't perfect, but it ain't too bad either."

Johnny noticed Will's dresser. There was a comb, his wallet, a 
little pile of change, and his watch, all lined up in a perfectly 
straight row. He looked around the room and realized almost 
everything was like that. "Damn, Will, you sure are neat."

Will chuckled, "Have to be, now. That's how I can find stuff and git 
around. They taught me that at the hospital...organization and 
routine. Took some gettin' used to, I'll tell ya."

Johnny smiled when Will came up from behind, wrapped his arms around 
him and kissed the back of his neck. Will turned him around and 
trailed his hands up his body until they found his face. Johnny 
stood quietly as Will traced his features with his fingers, softly 
stroking his skin. He opened his mouth and caught Will's finger as 
it passed over his lips, earning him a seductive smile from Will.

Will slid a hand around the back of his neck, giving him a hungry 
kiss. Johnny pulled him close and they stood there necking and 
caressing, holding on tightly, relearning the feel and taste of each 
other. As the kisses became more heated, they pressed harder against 
each other, rubbing their erections together.

Will moaned softly and said, "Johnny...how quiet d'ya think you can 

Johnny smirked, "As quiet as I have to be to get you into bed." He 
gently guided Will backwards until his knees hit the mattress. Will 
sat down and slipped his hands up under Johnny's shirt, pulling it up 
so he could nibble at the skin of Johnny's stomach. Johnny smiled 
and threaded his fingers in Will's hair.

When Will began to work on the buttons of Johnny's jeans, Johnny 
reached down and pulled Will's shirt off. With lust spurring them 
on, they managed to strip each other in just a few seconds.

Johnny pushed Will down on the bed, straddling his hips so that he 
could admire his lover as he ran his hands over his smooth skin. 
Johnny's pulse was racing with excitement and anticipation, and he 
fought to control himself, aware that he needed to be careful not to 
make noise. That was going to be damn near impossible, and it meant 
that he couldn't take Will the way he wanted to. The way he did in 
his dreams...hard and fast and wild.

Will caught him by the wrists and pulled him down on top of him, 
swiftly wrapping him in a tight embrace, kissing him and writhing 
under him. He could hardly believe Johnny was here, that he'd driven 
all that way, just for this. He sighed happily. He could feel 
Johnny's erection digging into his hip and shifted his weight so that 
their cocks lined up, moaning deep in his throat as Johnny's hot sex 
grazed against his own.

"Oh...yeah," gasped Johnny, working his hips to build a steady 
friction between them. He nudged up under Will's chin and started 
kissing his neck, sucking at the soft skin.

Will let his head fall back and listened in bliss to Johnny's short 
ragged breaths, as the delicious heat spread from his groin 
throughout his body. He ran his hands over Johnny's muscular body, 
memorizing every inch of him. He wished he could keep him there 

Johnny could feel the tension building within him already, and knew 
that he needed to slow down if he wanted this to last. And he 
definitely wanted this to last. In fact, he never wanted it to end. 
It was so good with Will. He rolled onto his side, pulling Will with 
him, so they lay face to face.

Will groaned softly and whispered, "Why'd ya stop? You were gettin' 
me really hot."

Johnny smiled, "I've been waitin' so long for this and I plan on 
takin' my time." He kissed Will hard, thrusting his tongue deep into 
his mouth, as Will caressed his back. Johnny slipped his hand 
between them and closed it around Will's erection, stroking him 

Will sighed and wriggled his hips, pressing himself into Johnny's 
strong, warm hand. He raked his fingers through Johnny's thick hair, 
kissing his face, "God, John, that feels good."

Johnny was stroking him slowly...seductively. Then his hand was 
suddenly gone and Will groaned with frustration. He heard Johnny 
chuckle softly, and felt a hand slide around the back of his knee, 
pulling his leg up over Johnny's hip. Johnny licked his ear and 
whispered, "I'm not finished with you yet."

Will smiled when Johnny's hand slipped back between his legs, 
fondling his cock and balls...squeezing...stroking. Johnny was the 
best lover he'd ever had, he knew exactly what he was doing and could 
make even the simplest touch hot and erotic. Will reached out to 
touch his face and pressed his lips to Johnny's, kissing and nipping 

Johnny's hand traveled further back to tease Will's tight opening. 
Will let out a low moan, "Yeah, Johnny, please..."

Johnny's hand disappeared again, and he pulled away from the kiss for 
a moment. Then it was back, wet and cool with saliva. Will held his 
breath as Johnny's finger slipped in, making him tingle and squirm. 
He rocked his hips a little, savoring the sensations. Johnny played 
for a while, teasing, rubbing and thrusting, then he pushed two 
fingers in.

Will shuddered as his whole body grew hot, every inch of him 
sensitive to the intrusion. "God...yeah," he gasped, clutching at 
Johnny's shoulder. Johnny kissed him and shifted his weight a little 
so he could use his other hand to stroke Will's cock. Will's breath 
grew ragged as Johnny started to work him with both hands. This felt 
more intimate then anything he'd ever done...more personal.

Will groaned as Johnny pulled out again, and slowly forced three 
fingers into his ass, still stroking his cock firmly. "Oh...fuck, 
John," he panted, as Johnny's hand filled him. Johnny started to 
move carefully, gently thrusting into him, making his head spin and 
his body tense. It was a raw, harsh sensation that left him 
trembling with that exquisite combination of pleasure and a little 

Johnny grinned as Will clung to him, panting and moaning, a hint of 
frustration on his face as he struggled to keep quiet. He adored 
Will's responsiveness...couldn't get enough of it. He squeezed 
Will's cock and stroked it faster. Will buried his face in Johnny's 
neck, groaning and breathing hard, bucking against his hands. Johnny 
pushed his fingers deeper inside and rubbed Will's prostate, making 
Will whimper.

"Fuck, John..." he whispered sharply, "You're gonna make me come."

Johnny teased him, "Don't you *wanna* come?" He pushed in to brush 
that sweet spot again.

"Ahhhhh...god..." Will writhed on the bed, leaning his forehead 
against Johnny's cheek. His entire consciousness was focused on the 
hand invading him, making him acutely aware of every tiny movement of 
Johnny's fingers. The searing sensations left him weak and helpless, 
dying for release and panting for more at the same time. "I 
want...wanna come...want you...Oh, god" he groaned, twisting his body 
as Johnny's fingers grazed him again. "Johnny, I want you 

Johnny groaned with desire as Will begged in his ear, the hot breath 
tickling him. His cock ached and he wanted nothing more than to bury 
himself in Will's sweet body. He eased his fingers out, and pushed 
Will onto his back, kissing him hard. "Baby, you can have me anytime 
you want...I'm all yours."

He moved on top of Will and slid into him easily, moaning softly and 
tucking his face against Will's. Nothing had ever felt this good, 
this perfect...this right. Will pulled him in close, wrapping his 
legs and arms around him, holding him tightly, as Johnny started 
moving within him...slowly, but firmly, pushing deep into his lover. 
Will matched his rhythm and soon they were moving together 
insistently, enthralled with each other and consumed with passion.

Both of them were slick with sweat, and tightly wound from the effort 
of controlling themselves enough to keep quiet...expressing their 
lust through rough kisses, nips, harsh grasping and sharp thrusts.

Will groaned and gasped for air, arching his neck, as he felt his 
orgasm building. He began to buck and writhe, clenching his muscles 
around Johnny, bent on taking him with when he came.

Johnny groaned, picking up his pace, "Oh, damn...that's it..."

Will clung to Johnny as his climax tore through him, shocking his 
already raw body and leaving him breathless, his cry stuck in his 
throat. He strained against Johnny as Johnny thrust deep inside him 
and stayed there, rocking his hips and jerking his body, as he came 
long and hard, moaning against Will's shoulder.

Johnny finally collapsed on top of Will, trembling and weak, but so 
utterly satisfied and content. Will rolled them both to the side so 
they could curl up together, and Johnny lay snug in his arms, relaxed 
and happy. He'd never felt this close to anyone before. He liked 
it. Liked Will. A lot. He ran a hand through Will's hair and 
kissed him softly. "Will," he whispered, "that was...that 
was...incredible." He smirked, "You're still the sweetest fuck I've 
ever had."

Will grinned, "Better be...I ain't gonna be able to walk straight for 
a week." 

Johnny rolled onto his back, pulling Will on top of him. Will 
chuckled and kissed him, stroking his hair and face. Johnny sighed 
and ran his hands over Will's back and shoulders...smoothing them 
down over his ass...slow, lazy movements as they lay there necking. 
They played like that until late into the night, when they finally 
curled up for a few hours of sleep.


They managed to make it down to breakfast on time, and had a pleasant 
meal with Will's parents. Both Griners appeared to have slept 
peacefully and undisturbed, much to Johnny's relief. He took a deep 
breath, they'd been pretty stupid to fool around in the house like 
that, but he couldn't have resisted Will any more than he could stop 

It was a beautiful morning and they decided to go fishing for a few 
hours, before Johnny had to leave. They gathered up some gear and a 
few bottles of Coke, and climbed into Johnny's car. He drove while 
Will described the route, and within half an hour, they were parked 
nearby a secluded stretch of the Newberry Creek.

They spent a few peaceful hours fishing, stealing kisses, talking 
about things like camping and high school days, and snoozing in the 

Johnny managed to charm Will into the back seat of the car, where 
they were able to make all the noise they wanted. Afterwards they 
stood, leaning against the car, necking and convincing themselves it 
was time to go.

Will trailed his fingers up Johnny's body until he found his face and 
captured it, kissing him warmly, then put his arms around him, 
pulling him close. "I'm so glad you came down here, I cain't tell 

Johnny returned the embrace, holding him tightly and 
said, "I...ah...I wanna come back. Real soon. Do you think I could?"

Will's face brightened up immediately, "You would? Really?"

"Hell, *yeah*. Couldn't you tell?" He pushed Will back against the 
car, pressing his body against Will wantonly, as he kissed him deep 
and hard, lots of tongue...fingers in hair...for several long minutes 
before stepping back and smiling.

Will sagged against the car, breathing hard and smiling, and 
said, "We could go campin'. I know a great place I used to go. It's 
got a big ol' swimmin' hole and it's way out in the woods." He 
grinned, "Lord, would I love to get you alone out there."

"Camping it is then...'cause one night ain't anywhere near enough..." 
said Johnny, pulling him into another long kiss.



Will sighed as he flipped over in his bed, and punched at the 
pillow. He'd been tossing and turning all night. He would have 
thought he'd be used to it by now, but he still got this way in the 
days before Johnny came down for a visit. He couldn't help it, he 
just got so excited to see him.

For the past eight months or so, Johnny had been coming down every 
few weeks to go camping, or just stay at the house. Will was past 
the point of caring if his parents wondered why a young man like 
Johnny would choose to drive nine hours just to hang out with an old 
army buddy all the time. Nothing made him happier than spending time 
with his best friend and lover, and nothing made him feel lonelier 
than listening to him drive away.

Things were getting better though. Constant practice, both through 
daily life and concerted effort, had made him far more adept at 
getting around and taking care of himself. There was very little he 
couldn't do now.

One of his high school friends had returned from a full tour in 
Vietnam, and they would get together over beers occasionally. It was 
nice to have someone closer to home that he could relate to.

Will couldn't sleep anymore and was getting frustrated with lying in 
bed trying, so he got up and got dressed. He made his way downstairs 
to the kitchen and started to fix something to eat.

Will opened the bread box and sniffed each of the loaves to figure 
out which was his mother's cinnamon swirl bread. He took out two 
slices and dropped them into the toaster. Using his hands and memory 
as guides, he got out a plate, glass, knife and the butter. He was 
feeling through the fridge for the milk, when he heard someone come 
into the room.

"William?!" said his mother in bewilderment, "What are you doin' 
crashing around in the kitchen in the dark? It's barely five a.m."

"I jus' couldn't sleep is all." He took his toast and buttered 
it. "And I don't hardly need to turn the light on, do I?"

"Well, do it for my sake...You scared me half to death."

"Sorry, Momma." Will grinned as he sat down at the table with his 
toast, and listened to her bustle around, making coffee.

"Before I forget," she said, "your father and I are goin' down to the 
Olmstead's to play bridge tonight, will you be alright here by 

"'Course I will, Momma." Will ate his breakfast slowly while he 
daydreamed about Johnny.


That evening, after Will's parents left, he picked up the phone and 
dialed the operator. He gave her Johnny's name and phone number, as 
he settled onto the couch.

The phone rang several times and Will was getting disappointed, when 
a very harried sounding Johnny answered. "Hello?"

"What the hell took ya so long? I nearly gave up on ya."

"I was in the shower. I had to rinse the soap out of my hair." Will 
could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke. "I'm glad you waited, 
it's good to talk to you."

"Jus' out of the shower, huh?"


"I'll bet you're all naked and slippery."

"Well, actually, I'm wearin' a towel, but-"

"Naw...that's no good. Take it off."

"Bossy aren't ya?"

"Go on...I said, take it off."

"You're startin' to get me hard."

Will groaned, "I wish I was there so I could wrap my hands around 
your stiff, wet cock. But, since I'm not...you're gonna have to do 

Johnny grinned into the phone, "Damn, I love it when you talk dirty, 

"I'm serious. I want you to touch yourself an' tell me how good it 

Johnny moaned as a rush of excitement shot through him. He loosened 
the towel and let it drop to the floor. Then he ran his hand down 
through the droplets of water on his chest and stomach, and curled it 
around the base of his cock, which was now fully 
erect. "Mmmm...Will..." he breathed, as he started fondling 
himself, "Doesn't feel nearly as good as when you do it."

"So close your eyes and pretend it's me...jerking you off while I 
whisper dirty things in your ear."

"Like what things?"

"Like how fuckin' hot you looked the *first* time I caught you 
jerkin' off in the shower. Remember that?"

"Oh...yeah," groaned Johnny, sliding his hand along his stiff 
cock. "I remember a lot about that night."

"You were leanin' your head on the pipe an' fingering your ass...and 
the look on your face was somethin' else." Will could hear Johnny 
starting to breathe harder, and felt himself getting warmer. He slid 
his hand into his lap and started rubbing the bulge in his 
jeans. "Damn Johnny, I can hear ya gettin' all worked up, and you're 
makin' me hard."

"You know what you gotta do...don't ya," breathed Johnny. "Take out 
your cock and join me. You don't know what you're missin'. It feels 
so fuckin' good." He moaned loudly for effect, stroking his cock 
expertly as he started to get into the scene. Waves of pleasure 
washed over him as he thought of what they were doing, and he leaned 
his head back against the wall and moaned for real.

Will clutched the phone tightly, as the sounds of Johnny's arousal 
traveled over the line. He pulled open his pants and grabbed 
himself, moaning. "Oh shit, Johnny..."

"That's it, Will...stroke your cock for me. Gonna pretend it's my 
hand doin' that?"

"No I ain't..." panted Will.

"What'dya mean *no*?!"

"I'm thinkin' about your ass, not your hand. You're sittin' in my 
lap with my cock stuffed up your ass. And baby...you feel damn good."

Johnny tightened his fist, jerking himself steadily as he imagined 
the scene Will was describing. He could almost feel Will's cock 
filling his ass with raw heat. His legs were starting to shake as 
the sexual tension built within him. "Oh god, Will..."

"That's it, Johnny," Will whispered as he listened to Johnny's ragged 
breathing and strained voice. "I wanna hear ya come for me." He 
increased his own pace as he pictured Johnny in front of him, riding 
his cock and moaning with pleasure. The entire situation left him 
breathless with desire. He knew he was getting close, but he wanted 
to hear Johnny come first. "Come on, baby, do it now...I wanna hear 
you...I want you to come for me."

Johnny groaned and pumped his cock vigorously while he listened to 
Will's voice saying filthy things in a soft southern drawl...urging 
him on.

His heart was pounding with excitement and he was dimly aware of Will 
gasping as he spoke, and the note of urgency in his voice. He 
pictured Will slouching on the faded couch, his slick cock in one 
hand and the phone in the other. "Fuck, Will...Oh *god* yeah!..." he 
cried, as he threw his head back and bucked into his fist, shooting a 
white arc onto the abandoned towel. His legs felt weak and he slid 
down the wall until he was sitting on the floor trying to catch his 

"Christ..." gasped Will, "There ain't nobody hotter than you. God, I 
wish you were here right now."

"I'm right here, Will," whispered Johnny seductively. "You can feel 
me sliding up and down your cock...feel how hot and slippery I am..."

"Oh, yeah..."

"...can feel my legs tight around your hips, 'cause I'm not lettin' 
go until I've had as much of you as I want." Johnny spoke slowly, 
drawing out his descriptions. 

Will moaned at Johnny's words and the sound of his voice, stroking 
himself desperately as he listened.

"You can feel my lips kissing you..." Johnny continued, "...and my 
tongue sliding into your mouth..."

"Oh, god...Oh, god, Johnny!..." Will's voice cracked as he came, 
pumping his cock feverishly and writhing on the couch. Finally, he 
relaxed against the cushions, spent and grinning. He realized he'd 
let the phone drop to his shoulder and picked it up, "Johnny?"

"I'm here," laughed Johnny, "Are you OK?"

"Fuck, yeah!" said Will, "I ain't never had this much fun jerkin' 
off. I love ta hear ya talkin' dirty."

"We shoulda thought of this a long time ago."

"No kiddin'"

"So did you call just to fuck me long distance, or was there 
somethin' else?"

"Mostly, I jus' miss ya," Will sighed, "And I wanted to check on 
plans for this weekend. You're still comin' ain't ya?"

"Just try to stop me," said Johnny with a shit-eating grin. "I've 
got some good news, too."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"I got a call from Joe, out in L.A., he had a pilot quit on him and 
he wants me to go out there and take the job now. Says I don't have 
to wait the full year. I'm finally gonna be in the air again, Will."

Will sat there, speechless, as Johnny's news sunk in. He was 
leaving. Going all the way to California, at least two months 
earlier than he was supposed to...and he was happy about that. Will 
was too stunned to really think, he just answered automatically, 
saying what he knew he was supposed to, "That's great, I'm really 
happy for ya. That's a lucky break."

"I know. He called yesterday, I couldn't wait to tell you."

Will's eyes were stinging and he needed to fight to keep an even 
voice as he said, "Hey, you'll have to tell me all about it this 

"I'm lookin' forward to it, Will."

"Me too. Well...I'd better get going."

"Yeah, OK. I'll see ya Friday. Probably around 3:30 or 4:00. You 
gonna be ready to head out?"

"Yup, I'll be ready."

"Ok, babe, see ya then."

"See ya." Will hung up the phone. "I love you."


It was late afternoon, Friday, when Johnny knocked on the door. He 
smiled when Mrs. Griner hollered from in the kitchen,"Come on in, 
John, no need to stand on ceremony 'round here, you know that."

Johnny went inside, "Good afternoon, Ma'am."

Mrs. Griner was at the table, covered in spots of flour and kneading 
bread dough. Behind her, on the counter, were three large bowls with 
damp dish cloths draped over them. The smell of yeast hung thick in 
the air and mingled with the scent of hot chocolate chip cookies. 
She nodded at Johnny, "Help yourself to some cookies, John. You'll 
have to excuse the mess, today's my baking day."

"Why do you think I'm here?" grinned Johnny, taking two cookies from 
the tray on the stove.

"All right, enough of that," smiled Mrs. Griner. "Will's upstairs 
gettin' ready. Why don't you take some of those up for him."

"Thanks, Ma'am." Johnny grabbed a few more cookies, and ducked out 
of the kitchen, anxious to see Will.

Johnny crept up the stairs as quietly as he could and padded softly 
across the rug in the outer room.

Will was in the bedroom, stuffing clothes into a duffel bag. Without 
shifting his focus, he said, "Don't you know ya cain't sneak up on 
me, Johnny?" He held out a hand, "I hope you got a cookie for me."

"I know I can't, but it's still fun tryin'," Johnny grinned and 
grabbed Will's hand, pulling him into a warm embrace. "I have 
*missed* you, baby," he whispered, and then kissed Will soft and slow.

Will sighed and leaned into the kiss, holding Johnny tightly. He 
realized he wasn't going to get much more of this and resolved to 
enjoy what time he had left with Johnny, no matter how bad he felt 

Eventually, Johnny pulled away, and Will heard a soft snapping 
sound...then Johnny's voice, "Open your mouth." He did, and a huge 
chunk of slightly warm chocolate chip cookie landed on his tongue. 
He smiled around it, then stuffed it all inside and slowly savored 
the sweet treat, while Johnny nibbled at his neck and slipped a hand 
up the back of his t-shirt. 

Will moaned softly as Johnny's warm fingers traveled over his 
skin. "If ya let me finish packing, we can git outta here," he said, 
gently pushing Johnny away.

Johnny reluctantly sat down on the bed, not wanting to let go so 
soon. "Have you decided where we're goin' yet?"

"Yeah. I thought we'd camp at the swimmin' hole on Curtis Creek. 
That's my favorite. I figure if this is our last trip, we oughtta 
make it a good one."

Johnny caught the note of sadness in Will's voice and tried to cheer 
him up. "But, hey...you've gotta admit, it's been one hell of a 
ride," he said with a wicked grin.

Will nodded and finished with his packing. "Yeah, I guess it has." 

He zipped up his bag, and before he knew it, Johnny had jumped up, 
grabbed the bag from him and kissed him, crowing, "Let's get this 
party started." 

Will listened to him bound over to the stairs. He was certainly 
happy enough. In fact, Will noticed sadly, he didn't seem to have 
any regrets at all.


Will drew his arm back and snapped it forward, casting out his line 
again. They came to this spot often, so they had setting up the tent 
and campsite down to a science. Now he and Johnny stood, dressed 
only in shorts, in the water near the river's edge, fishing as the 
sun was beginning to set.

Johnny had been rattling on about the job in L.A., and Will was 
having a hard time with it. He wanted to be happy for his friend, 
and he knew he should be trying to savor the time he had left with 
him, but the more Johnny talked, and the happier he sounded...the 
worse Will felt. He slowly reeled in his line as the cool water 
swirled around his knees. 

Johnny was talking about great L.A. was, "...I don't think anybody 
sleeps. There's always something to do, or someplace to go." There 
was a swish and a light splash as Johnny cast again. "...and the gay 
community is great there. It's going to be fantastic not to have to 
sneak around and pretend anymore. I mean...just to be open about 
it...man, I can't wait."

Will was stunned. He expected Johnny to be excited about the job, 
and to want to talk about it. But...to be talking about dating in 
L.A....felt like a slap in the face. He couldn't believe Johnny was 
doing this to him.

Will's chest ached as he began to wonder what the past several months 
had really meant to Johnny. He knew he couldn't listen to any more. 
He threw his fishing rod up into the grass and took a step toward 

"Where ya goin', buddy?" Johnny asked.

Will didn't trust himself to speak so he ignored him and continued 
wading toward the little sandy beach.

"Will, what's the matter?" Johnny realized something was wrong and 
tossed his rod to shore, before going after Will and taking hold of 
his arm. "Will...?"

Will flinched when Johnny touched him and swatted his hand 
away. "Leave me alone."

"What? Will, what's goin' on?" Johnny grabbed Will's arm again and 
tried to stop him.

Will spun around and shoved him hard, his hurt and anger increasing 
with each moment. "I said, back off!" He turned to head back to 
shore, but lost his bearings and went the wrong way. The river 
bottom dropped off sharply, and when his foot didn't land where he 
expected it to, Will lost his balance and plunged into the water.

He was coughing up a lung full of water, when he felt Johnny's strong 
hands pulling him into shallower water. Will was sitting on the 
river bottom, pissed and hurt, when he felt Johnny's leg brush 
against him. In a fit of anger, he grabbed Johnny's ankle and yanked 
it out from under him, dumping Johnny into the water next to him.

Johnny came up spluttering, "What the *hell* did you do that for?!" 
He pushed his sopping hair out of his eyes, "Do you wanna tell me 
what the *fuck* is going on?"

"Me?! You jackass!" Will yelled. "Just how long am I supposed to 
listen to you carry on about how fuckin' happy ya are to be gettin' 
out of here so you can go to L.A. and fuck anybody ya want to, right 
out in the open?" He sat there in the water, trying to get his 
emotions under control.

"God, Will...no...NO..." Johnny's heart ached when he realized what 
he'd been putting Will through. He got to his knees, "Oh, shit...I'm 
so sorry. I didn't mean..." He sighed, and reached a hand out to 
touch Will's face, "I've been gettin' ahead of myself here. I just 
wasn't thinkin'" Will stiffened up and started to push him away 
again. "Will...I want you to go with me."

"What are you talkin' about?" Will stopped resisting him, but 
sounded very wary.

"I'm talkin' about us. I want us to be together...all the time. 
When I was talkin' about being open...I meant you and me." Johnny 
pulled Will into his arms, holding him tightly. "I never meant to 
hurt you. I was gonna talk to you about it this weekend, and then I 
got Joe's call and found out I was gonna get you that much sooner, I 
got so excited...I guess I just forgot that I hadn't actually asked 
you yet."

Will sat there quietly, trying to take it all in. His head was 
spinning, but a sense of relief was beginning to spread through him 
as Johnny held him.

"Will...I'm so sorry, please believe me...I *love* you."

Will perked up, "You do?"

"God, yeah," said Johnny kissing him fiercely. He had to erase the 
hurt and doubt he'd created. Will's arms were quickly wound around 
his neck, one hand stroking his hair and the other clutching at his 
skin. They kissed for several long minutes, letting the hurt and 
confusion they felt drain away. Johnny slipped his hands down 
between them, pulling at the button of Will's shorts. He had to have 
Will right then and there, prove to him who he really wanted. Johnny 
kissed him and said, "Tell me you love me too."

"'Course I do."

Smiling, Johnny pulled Will's shorts off and tossed them in the 
general direction of shore. "Let me hear you say it."

"I love you, Johnny," Will said, gently biting at Johnny's lower lip 
and running his tongue along it before closing on Johnny's mouth 

Will sighed as cool water swirled around his naked cock, then he felt 
Johnny's hand slide up his thigh and close around it. Johnny's hand 
was strong and firm, and his touch so familiar that Will's body 
responded to it instantly. Within moments, his cock was hard and 
hot, jutting out from his body, seeking it's mate. "Johnny...I wanna 
feel you..."

Johnny splashed around for a moment and Will heard the wet plop of 
his shorts landing on shore. Then Johnny grabbed his hand and pulled 
him to his feet, leading him further into the water. 

When they were chest deep, he pulled Will close to him again. "I'm 
so sorry I hurt you..." said Johnny, planting kisses anywhere he 
could reach.

Will nuzzled Johnny's face until he found his lips and kissed him 
hungrily, slipping his tongue into Johnny's mouth. Without warning, 
Johnny knelt slightly and lifted Will effortlessly off the river 
bottom. Will bobbed gently in the water and wrapped his legs around 
Johnny's hips, while clinging to his shoulders. 

Johnny gasped as Will's warm body pressed against his own. He kissed 
Will's shoulder, licking drops of water from his skin. Will's 
erection nudged him insistently in the stomach, and he realized that 
with just a little maneuvering he would be able to slip his cock into 
Will's ass. He shifted Will's weight in his arms and felt his cock 
graze against the tight opening. 

Will moaned softly, "Oh god, yeah..." He angled himself just right 
and slid easily down onto Johnny's cock with another low moan.

Will's body flushed with heat as Johnny filled him. The contrast of 
the cool water swirling around them made his skin tingle and 
heightened every sensation. He clung to Johnny, moving slowly and 
easily, pressing a kiss to his temple. Johnny's hair smelled faintly 
like shampoo and something stronger, something uniquely Johnny. 
Drops of water fell from it, running down his forehead, and Will 
licked them off slowly, breathing heavy against Johnny's skin.

Johnny's senses were overwhelmed. The cold water against his skin, 
the intense heat surrounding his cock, Will's hands clutching at his 
shoulders. He was always amazed at how perfectly they fit together. 
He held Will's hips firmly as he pushed his cock deep inside. It 
didn't require any thought at all, even though they had to work 
together, their bodies simply knew each other that well. 

He leaned his head into Will's kiss, moaning deeply. "Oh god, baby, 
you always feel so damn good...How could you think I'd want anybody 

Any answer Will had, died on his lips as Johnny moaned again and 
started breathing in short gasps. Will knew he was close...could 
feel the tension running through him. He loved this moment right 
before Johnny came, when he was wound up tight and making desperate 
little noises. He tempered his movements carefully, wanting to keep 
Johnny on the edge as long as possible. 

He groaned when Johnny dug his fingers into his hips, his hands 
shaking. "That's it, Johnny..." he whispered, clinging to his 
lover, "Make me yours again...I wanna be yours."

"Always," choked out Johnny as he came. He wrapped his arms around 
Will, burying himself as deep into Will's body as he could. He 
wanted to prove himself to Will...make sure he knew. He held Will 
tightly as his orgasm tore through him, nearly losing his footing. 
He managed to brace himself as he thrust forcefully a few more times, 
emptying the last of himself into his lover's body.

He stumbled into shallower water, slipping out of Will in the 
process. The cool water was a shock right after the intense heat of 
Will's body, and Johnny gasped out loud. 

Will laughed at Johnny's predicament and moved to stand on his own, 
but Johnny held him fast as he walked toward the water's edge. He 
rubbed his cheek against Johnny's head, "Where are we goin'?"

"I'm gonna take care of you now," said Johnny with a smile in his 
voice. He knelt down on the beach and carefully laid Will on the 

Will sighed at the touch of the coarse sand against his ass and back, 
twisting a bit to rub his body in it, heightening the sensations. 
Tremors ran through his body as the crisp air blew on his wet skin. 
Everything was intensified by his sexually aroused state and soon we 
was writhing on the ground, longing for Johnny's touch.

Johnny's warm hand wrapped around his aching cock, and Will thrust up 
into it desperately, needing him so badly. Then Johnny's mouth was 
on him also, sliding down over his cock, sucking and tonguing him 
until Will moaned out loud, bucking into him wanting to go deeper. 
He reached down and ran a hand through Johnny's hair, and drew his 
legs up around him, wanting as much contact with his lover as he 
could get.

Without warning, Johnny stopped and was moving away from him. Before 
Will had time to wonder what was happening, Johnny was straddling 
him, his hands pressing against Will's chest. Will was about to ask 
what he was doing, when he felt Johnny's ass rubbing against his 
cock, sending a jolt of excitement through him. 

Johnny grinned as he watched Will's face. First confusion, then 
surprise. Now Will's eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth hung 
loosely open, panting as Johnny rubbed against him. Will was 
clutching at Johnny's thighs and arching his hips up toward him, "God 
yeah, Johnny...please...please."

It thrilled Johnny beyond words to see Will so aroused and desperate, 
to be wanted that much. He grabbed Will's cock to hold it steady and 
pressed himself down over it, working his way slowly down until his 
ass settled on Will's hips. 

"Oh *fuck*..." was all Will could manage as his whole body was taken 
over by the heat and pleasure of his cock sliding up into Johnny's 
body. It was almost more than he could stand after the emotional 
upheaval, the rush of knowing Johnny loved him, and the physical 
excitement of getting fucked.

He grabbed Johnny and held him tight, flipping him over and pinning 
him into the sand. "I gotta have you..." he said, thrusting into 
Johnny's tight ass over and over, satisfying himself as he only could 
with Johnny. 

Johnny gasped in surprise when he landed on his back, but quickly 
recovered as Will began fucking him forcefully. He groaned and held 
on as Will drove into his body, tension and lust playing across his 
face. The raw passion of it excited him and he wanted so much to 
watch Will come. He arched his hips and met Will's thrusts easily, 
giving his body to him for as long as he needed it.

Will cried out loudly, dropping his head and clutching Johnny, as a 
wrenching climax came over him. He bucked hard into Johnny's ass, no 
longer in control of his own movements...completely at the mercy of 
his own body. It seemed to go on forever, draining him completely. 
Finally, he was able to relax and sunk down against Johnny's chest 
panting heavily, but smiling.

Johnny's hands were stroking his skin, caressing his face and 
shoulders, "I love you so much, Will. Please say you'll go to L.A. 
with me."

Will sighed happily, his cheek pressed to Johnny's warm body. 
Everything seemed so perfect right then.

"I'll go, but it ain't gonna be easy, ya know."

"We'll be fine. I promise." Johnny kissed him on the forehead, feeling happier than he thought possible.

They rinsed off and dressed, acting giddy and stupid. Then they 
built a campfire and sat up late into the night making plans for 
their new life together.