Hot young soldiers in Vietnam, fighting for truth, justice and the last can of beanie/weenie c-rats.




    - [Adult] (Myron/Johnny}  Written for the Tour of Duty Notes From the Underground Anniversary Challenge.  A post war fic, in which the boys find them selves together on a dubious anniversary.


My First Song Vid!!

A tribute to Zeke.  No matter how battle-weary or worn out he gets, he's always there taking care of his men, even though deep in his heart, he just wants it all to be over.

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- [Adult] (Myron/Zeke)   Co-written with Creed Cascade.  Anguished and drunken Myron....Strong and fixing Zeke.  Just the way we like them.


    - [NC-17]  (Myron/Johnny)  The tension between Myron and Johnny as hootchmates takes an interesting turn.  A series of vignettes exploring the growing relationship between Myron and Johnny. *ILLUSTRATED*  with pics and screen caps courtesy of DC.


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- [NC-17]  (Myron/Johnny.  Non-con)  A piece I wrote exploring the more edgy Johnny of early in his tour.  This is not your usual charming chopper pilot.  Set during their conflicts in the episode: "True Grit".

- [NC-17]  (Myron/Johnny.  Semi-non-con)  (Sequel to "NOT The Boy Next Door") .  Myron finds an opportunity to get revenge on Johnny for what happened between them.  This ain't your average L-T.


- [NC-17]  (Myron/Zeke)  Written for the Fairy Tale Fiction Challenge.   A Tour of Duty version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

- [PG - NC-17]  (The entire ToD cast more or less)  When I learned that we could also use Nursery Rhymes for the challenge....well, I just couldn't resist.


- [NC-17]  Myron/Johnny.  Sometimes....someone says something....and you just can't leave it alone.  This one is dedicated to Creed Cascade who made an interesting observation.


- [NC-17]  Myron/Zeke.  Once again....someone makes a comment that you just can't leave alone.  And this one would have *killed* me to resist, I swear it.  Dedicated to sweet little DC, who thought the whole thing up.


- [NC-17]  Johnny/Griner.   A little romance inspired by (and continued from) the Johnny/Griner thread in the Tour of Duty Anniversary Round Robin:  "Private Parties", and dedicated to witchbaby who said she's "All about true love".


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They are a pair of stories featuring Myron and Johnny meeting up after the war and each one is told from one of the boy's point of view.  Plus there's a whole ton of other wonderful stories by the hottest writers around, pics, artwork and lots more.  (Click the banner for more info)

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Soul Searching
By SassyInkPen
Johnny is faced with something entirely unexpected...and his reaction to it surprises him as well. Companion to "Searching Soul" - can be read in either order.


Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. It all makes a hell of a lot more sense...his nervousness, the way he was clinging to me. As the idea works its way through my mind, some things back in the hootch might make a little more sense too, I'm not sure.

"Holy shit." I lean back, surprised. I never expected this - not from Goldman.

"You know...I'm sorry, McKay, I probably shouldn't have said anything." He takes his hand off me, looking confused and lost. "I just had to try...but I-I don't know what I was expecting."

Searching Soul
By SassyInkPen
Myron returns home from Vietnam with questions that need answers. Companion to "Soul Searching" - can be read in either order.


I don't know when I stopped thinking of him as just another soldier. Some egotistical chopper jock. All I know is that when I figured it out, it hit me like an RPG round. And when he went away and this feeling didn't, then I knew I was in trouble. So here I am, half a year later, standing in a dingy hallway, staring at a worn apartment door...still trying to figure it all out. This kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen to me. My life is supposed to be by the book, and this is not by the book at all. It's not even on the same shelf as the rest of my life, and I don't really know how to handle that. But I have to know. I have to know if it's real, or some kind of...itch.